ElectricSistaHood is proud to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with our 500th episode of our podcast this week!

Over the years we've had several guest hosts, clip shows, interviews and more...but we wouldn't be who we are today or where we are without YOU! So, THANK YOU to each and every viewer, subscriber, and friend of the ESHcast.

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ESH Cast #559: The South Park game is sooooo South Parky

In the 11 years that Ninja and Panda have been doing their weekly podcast, they...

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GAME REVIEW | An Enchanting Metroidvania In "Mystik Belle"

It's easy to see why WayForward latched onto Last Dimension's Mystik Belle. Released on Steam...

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ESH Cast #558: We’re already off the exit to Tangent Town

It's a show about video games and anime, right? You wouldn't think that by listening...

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The UnBoxening | Loot Anime August & September 2017 (feat. JonStar of Wicked Anime)

King Baby Duck is joined by his buddy JonStar from Nerdy Show's Wicked Anime Podcast,...

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ESH Interview: Adi Slepack of Gather Round Games about Someone Has Died

King Baby Duck and I had the pleasure of talking to a game developer recently...

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ESH Cast #557: Everybody wants an attaboy

Everyone needs positive recognition -- that's a fact that the Sistahs suddenly realize about midway...

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BFIG 2017: A game about death is not a laughing matter until Someone Has Died

Every year at BFIG, ESH usually sniffs out the biggest party game to be showcased....

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BFIG 2017: Sizigi's Cake Duel is a delicious duel for two

Friendly competition never hurt anyone, unless sweet delicious cake was at stake.

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ESH Cast #556: Ain’t nobody got time for time travel

For the first time in what seems like forever, Xenocore joins the Sistahs for this...

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BFIG 2017: Ten Candles perfectly exploits our horrible inevitable fate

At the Boston Festival of Independent Games (BFIG), like a moth to the flame, ESH...

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