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If you haven't heard, ElectricSistaHood is part of the Partner Network. What that means for you – our awesome visitor – is that you will find all of our written stuff – reviews, previews, rants and raves – over at our new home.

But have no fear, your click is not wasted. You will find our old articles archived here, and new podcast episodes posted here each week.

So welcome to, home of ESH Cast: The ElectricSistaHood Weekly Video Game & Anime Podcast!

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ESH Podcast Episode #370: If You Own a Game and Enjoy that Game, You're a Gamer.

so yep we are all ONE.

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ESH Podcast Episode #369: More Like PlayStation One Of These Days – Amirite?

More like PlayStation Not-Really-An-Option-Yet.

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ESH Podcast Episode # 368: PSForeplay Is Something COMPLETELY Different.

Can you tell what Ninja was thinking about during the show. Panda could...

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ESH Podcast Episode #367: This Is the Final Episode– But not the FINAL episode.

And so we face the final curtain...

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ESH Podcast Episode #371: And The Winner is....

Yep the sistahs have the nominees for best picture cued up for discussion.

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ESH Podcast Episode #366: Its Got Chocobos! How Cute Is That?!

They are fluffy, yellow and make everything better.

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ESH Podcast Episode #365: Zero Drunken Tangents. Zero!

That is right ladies and gentle folk, there are no drunken tangents in this new episode of the ESHCast. But,...

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ESH Podcast Episode # 364: Save It for the Show!

Can you guess what this show is about?

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ESH Cast Episode 363: All New Consoles Have Issues...Don't Turn them Into Volumes

Nothing beats that new console smell, except, actually using that spiffy new console to enact some serious pwnage. This week,...

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ESH Podcast Episode #362: Yeah but....Yeah.

Another great moment brought to us by Pandalicious

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