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If you haven't heard, ElectricSistaHood is part of the Partner Network. What that means for you – our awesome visitor – is that you will find all of our written stuff – reviews, previews, rants and raves – over at our new home.

But have no fear, your click is not wasted. You will find our old articles archived here, and new podcast episodes posted here each week.

So welcome to, home of ESH Cast: The ElectricSistaHood Weekly Video Game & Anime Podcast!

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ESH Cast #425: Our Roundtable Is Actually Rectangular

What do you get when you drop the sister's off at Boston's largest video game convention? A couple of tangents...

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The Best Anime of Winter 2015

We are basically a quarter into the winter season. Anime is back with some new hits, and some past successes....

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ESH Cast #424: Sno Joke: Dress Warmly For Pax East

PAX East is just around the corner – the snow encased corner

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ESH Cast #423: Whatever You Do, Don't

In the early days of audio recording and radio broadcasting, there were special lights that indicated if a microphone was...

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ESH Cast 422: They've Made A Game Of Russian Roulette, And Exchanged Guns for Cats

Better late than never we always say. In this week's show we talk about everything from depressing commercials during the...

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ESH Cast 421: I'm 90 Hours In, and I Haven't Made Any Progress

Or maybe we're just not doing it right...

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ESH Cast #420: I Love It and I Hate It At the Same Time

With a title number like that we JUST couldn't go for the OBVIOUS joke.

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ESH Cast #419: In A World...Where Every Day, Is Taco Tuesday

Mmmm...tacos! Wait, games! This week the girls get back into full swing – so to speak – talking CES...

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ESH Cast #418: This Is All Speculation, Because I Don't Know

Don't be surprised, most of the things we tell you about are PURE SPECULATION!

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ESH CAST # 417: You Didn't Miss It, And Neither Did We

One last clip show for 2014 from us to you!

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