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If you haven't heard, ElectricSistaHood is part of the Partner Network. What that means for you – our awesome visitor – is that you will find all of our written stuff – reviews, previews, rants and raves – over at our new home.

But have no fear, your click is not wasted. You will find our old articles archived here, and new podcast episodes posted here each week.

So welcome to, home of ESH Cast: The ElectricSistaHood Weekly Video Game & Anime Podcast!

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ESH Podcast Episode #343:The Way You Play Games Today Is How You'll Play Them Tomorrow. Naked?!

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ESH Podcast Episode #342: In Opposite Land, You Do Not Suck At All.

You are also mega super popular and have all the hot skills

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Episode 341: These Bruises Display My Ability To Defend Justice

It's a brand new week, a brand new ESH Cast! This week we chat with Shawna "LazyMills" Mills, the creative...

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ESH Podcast Episode 340: This Is the Podcast Where We Get a Little Awkward

Then again when aren't we awkward.

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ESH Podcast Episode #339: Salmon In Your Ramen and a Box of Wine -- That's Gaming on a Budget

Sometimes you gotta strave-- to get what you want...especially if you are Pandalicious

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ESH Podcast Episode #338: ESHmom's Adventures in ESHland

A show that highlights the moments of ESHMOM

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ESH Podcast Episode # 337:Nintendo Decided Go Big or Go Home...and They Went Home.

Nintendo...Nintendo...Nintendo... The sistahs talk about Nintendos news about not having a media briefing at this years E3 (that panda isn't...

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ESH Podcast Episode #336: Leave Everyone's Mother Out of This!

And now for something completely ESH different

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ESH Podcast Episode #335: You Had Me at Pie.

Due to the events that took place yesterday April 15th here in Boston, we thought it was best to postpone...

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ESH Podcast Episode #334:Not Another Lesbian Cat Conversation

Cat Love!

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