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Episode 63: Diction is Good, Addiction is Bad

Once again, the sistahs have put together a fine show for you in Episode 63: Diction is Good, Addiction is Bad. Plus, if you linger just a little bit after the sistahs sign off, you'll be rewarded with a special little outtake.

In this episode, Pandalicious breaks out of WoW mode and talks about playing a new version of Final Fantasy 7, which is reimagined as a first-person shooter.

The sistahs get a little off-track and make a plea to all video game makers out there: Make a video game with a black hero! (And they're not talking about turning Oprah Winfrey into Lara Croft.)

Finally, Bio-Shock has Ninjasistah heading to the bathroom to clean herself up. And that's just the demo. Looks like the full-blown version might be a three-roller.

Here are the rejected titles for this week's episode:

Panda Puts Out For a Song

Lift the Flap to Unlock the Crack

Remembering 9/11, 12 and 13

Pandalicious Pursues the Polygons

It Was a Short That Was a Little Long

In Case of Rapture, This Game Will Be Unmanned

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