King Baby Duck & his pals Elite4Derek and Wicked Anime's JonStar dive into two more Loot Anime boxes, with their focus on the underdog heroes and gaming-inspired worlds! My Hero Academia! Final Fantasy! Saint Seiya! (Sigh, Black Clover.) Check out

King Baby Duck and his con cohort Elite4Derek and Wicked Anime's JonStar get into the "spirit" of friendship with the unboxing of the October & November 2017 editions of Loot Anime! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates

King Baby Duck and Wicked Anime's JonStar unleash multiple explosions and flying cabbages as they piece together the recent Nendoroids of Megumin & Darkness from the hit anime series KonoSuba: God's blessing on this wonderful world! Plus hear what makes

Testing out Final Cut Pro X for the first time, King Baby Duck shows off what fans of the anime series Squid Girl can expect if they grab Sentai Filmworks' limited edition box set! We are a participant in the Amazon

King Baby Duck is joined by his buddy JonStar from Nerdy Show's Wicked Anime Podcast, as they open up the "Work For It" and "SURVIVE!" boxes from Loot Anime. Plus they check out what's inside the deluxe edition of Senran

King Baby Duck punches some funny bones with the opening of Loot Anime's Action Comedy box, featuring merch from One-Punch Man, KonoSuba, and more! Plus check out what's inside the limited edition version of Sentai Filmworks' release of Monster Musume:

It's been awhile since ESH has done an unboxing video, which means King Baby Duck has to go through a huge backlog of Loot Anime boxes from Winter & Spring of 2017! Fortunately he gets a little assistance from JonStar

King Baby Duck got his hands on a Day One Nintendo Switch console, so he and his wise-cracking plushies Kokkuri-san & Ginko go into what you can expect when you crack open the package! Plus, see what you could've gotten

King Baby Duck gets to push his KonoSuba fandom to a new level, as he showcases the Nendoroid for everyone's favorite douchebag goddess Aqua! Check out KonoSuba:God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! on Crunchyroll!

After a brief hiatus King Baby Duck and his wise-cracking plushies Kokkuri-san & Ginko are back with another Loot Anime box, featuring goodies from Bleach, Gintama, Berserk, and more! Plus our host tries his hands at building the box into