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ESH Cast #430: If You Have To Put 'Is It Wrong' In The Title, It Is

This week we're talking gadgets, games, and anime - the ESH trifecta - starting with the Apple Watch and working...

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Fabulous Freebies for X Box

There’s been an ongoing trend for XBox Live Gold members that gives players the chance to download games for free....

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ESH Cast #429: OnLive Should Now Be Called OnDead

Not to be confused with the living dead, or the walking dead...just good, old-fashioned, "This here thing is no more....

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ESH Cast # 428: They Lied About The Prerequisites to Succeed in Bloodborne

Oh, those lying liars and the lies they tell. This week the sistah's talk anime and gaming, all while battling...

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Throwback Thursday: Fable Anniversary

When the first XBox came out, I remember my first love on the system. It was Fable. I loved the...

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ESH Cast #427: Konami Will Find Out That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

And they are probably never-ever getting back together (with Kojima Productions.)

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Opinion | So, Kojima Is No Longer At Konami

If you're a gamer, you've probably heard the news already either via Polygon or IGN but it appears that after...

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What the F**ktionary?

PAX East 2015 has come and gone, and left many a gamer happy and satisfied. The show floor was packed...

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ESH Cast # 426: If It's Not Kissy-Kissy, That's Fine, But It's Not

With a title like this you wouldn't believe just how long we talk about Apple

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Pillars of Eternity Coming to PCs on March 26th

If you take a look at Pillars of Eternity, you may think that it takes its cue from Diablo, but...

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