ElectricSistaHood is proud to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with our 500th episode of our podcast this week!

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ESH Cast #573: This game turns gritty, violent crime into a party

Long-time listeners are going to hear something different at the beginning of this week's show....

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GAME REVIEW | Multiplayer Fun Amidst Control Flaws In "Mercenary Kings"

2014's Mercenary Kings was a nice throwback to the era of Metal Slug and Contra,...

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GAME REVIEW | Oh... Sir! The Hollywood Roast

Video games always seem to involve characters resolving their problems with their fists or guns....

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ESH Cast #572: We play DropMix like most people play Monopoly — we just make up the rules

Never let the rules get in the way of having a fun time. That's the...

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GAME REVIEW | It's K.O. To the Rescue In Action-Packed "Let's Play Heroes"

O.K. K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is one of Cartoon Network's beacons of delight within its...

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ESH Cast #571: It was so sad, I got mad at my sister

It was an unexpected happenstance, and that's what made is so infuriating.

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GAME REVIEW | "School Girl/Zombie Hunter” Can’t Stop The Undead

Readers can attest that I can be a sucker for fan-service-filled video games, despite having...

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The UnBoxening | Megumin & Darkness Nendoroid Figurines (from "KonoSuba")

King Baby Duck and Wicked Anime's JonStar unleash multiple explosions and flying cabbages as they...

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ESH Cast #570: I’m known as the girl who has all the opinions (No, we are)

Opinions are just like the Sistahs from ElectricSistaHood -- everybody has one.

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DLC REVIEW | "Friends" To The Rescue in Shantae Expansion

Although Shantae is one of gaming's best (and most underrated) heroines, she often needs the...

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