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Kill la Kill is a true balls-to-the-wall anime thrill ride. Action-packed, funny as hell, and never ashamed of its blatant fan-service, it was an impressive way for Studio TRIGGER to

October 20, 1999. KoЯn and Limp Bizkit were the biggest names in America music. South Park and Family Guy merch flooded the racks of Spenser’s Gifts. Sega had just launched

There are right ways and wrong ways to adapt classic anime & manga series, and no one has experienced both of those outcomes quite like Go Nagai. Last year alone,

Hey readers, can I say something amazing right now? Okay, it’s not really “amazing,” per se, but it’s quite interesting to say the least. It has to do with the

Taishi Tsutsui’s We Never Learn is an enjoyable manga series. It has a great cast of characters, a lot of solid plot, and a more believable showcase of female characters