ElectricSistaHood is proud to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with our 500th episode of our podcast this week!

Over the years we've had several guest hosts, clip shows, interviews and more...but we wouldn't be who we are today or where we are without YOU! So, THANK YOU to each and every viewer, subscriber, and friend of the ESHcast.

We are ESH - ElectricSistaHood, home of ESH Cast: The ElectricSistaHood Weekly Video Game and Anime Podcast!

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GAME REVIEW | Embers of Mirrim

Rubbing your stomach and patting your head has always been one of the greatest exercises...

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GAME REVIEW | A Breath of New Life In "Puyo Puyo Tetris"

Tetris was the very first game I ever owned. (After all, it came packed in...

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GAME REVIEW | Demon's Crystals

Mindlessly blasting baddies is always a good way to wind down when you're not in...

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ESH Cast #537: Rhymes with Other Truckers

As you might be able to tell from this week's podcast title, there's a lot...

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GAME REVIEW | Narcosis

Pressure can mean a few different things; It's either force physically being exerted upon an...

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GAME REVIEW | "Rain World" Drenched With Beauty & Challenges

You would be forgiven if you looked at Rain World and expected a cutesy adventure...

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ESH Cast #536: We turn Arizona into a frightening, frightening place

Actually, you can't blame us for turning Arizona into a frightening place. They're doing that...

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The Best Anime of Spring 2017

Spring has sprung! I don't think the winter anime season was all that great, but...

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GAME REVIEW | TWD: Season 3 'Thicker Than Water'

One of the best things about Telltale's take on The Walking Dead has always been...

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ESH Cast #535: I thought I was going to blow through Zelda. I was wrong

The biggest news thus far in 2017 about video gaming has been the overwhelming introduction...

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