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GAME REVIEW | "Gal Metal" Wages War With Decent Hits

Although I may be pretty good with rhythm games that have either the name Hatsune Miku or...

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ESH Cast #610: Just the mention of Matt Booty’s name nearly stopped the show

Sometimes it just takes one word. That's when the smooth-running train simply falls off its tracks.
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GAME REVIEW | The Jackbox Party Pack 5

Jackbox Games has been putting out some quality party games for some time now. I would eve...

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ESH Cast #609: It’s a Red Letter Day when Ninja spoils something and Panda doesn’t

The Netflix anime of the ever-popular Castlevania game has turned this week's show topsy-turvy. In it, NinJaSistah...

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GAME REVIEW | Original "Disgaea" Ages Like Fine Wine In Stellar Remake

For the last fifteen years, the Disgaea franchise has entertained millions of fans worldwide, leading to spinoffs,...

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ESH Cast #608: Deadline has the “D” word in it for a reason

When was the last time you put in a 100-hour week for your job? Awww, come on...

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GAME REVIEW | Passing The Checkered Flag In "Nickelodeon Kart Racers"

Doing licensed racing games can be hit-or-miss, and unfortunately most of the time it's very much a...

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ESH Cast #607: I use microtransactions to accessorize, not successorize

Panda and Ninja love to buy things. When they go to the mall, it's hard to keep...

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GAME REVIEW | "My Memory of Us" A Powerful Nod To Unsung Heroes

The atrocities of World War II are one too many to name, but from within the darkness...

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ESH Cast #606: You got me at free

Free is such a magical word, isn't it? It invokes such hopeful things.
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