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Episode 179: 3D! It Kinda Reeks of Poop

Although this girl is pointing to somewhere in the desert of Saudi Arabia, the Sistahs weren't even close to there when recording this week's podcast. Instead, NinjaSistah was in the desert (Las Vegas), covering the Consumer Electronics Show, while Pandalicious was comfortably at home in the snowdrifts of New England (and perhaps pant-less).

As you might expect, CES was at the forefront of their discussion on the podcast this week, focusing on 3D television technology, e-readers and some new games for the PS3, as well as some talk on Google's new Nexus One phone.

Here are the titles we rejected for this week's podcast:

Now Vanna Can Turn the Letters Right In Your Living Room

But Sony Loves Kids -- Just Look At the Game Boy

The Mac and Cheese Torch Has Been Passed

Books -- You Know -- Manga Without Pictures

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Get a load of this and all the usual ESH goodness -- as well as our replacement for toast -- by listening to Episode 179: 3D! It Kinda Reeks of Poop.

(By the way, the girl in the photo is a representative of Kimin Electronic Co., Ltd., a company which manufactures large -- up to 42-inch -- touchscreen monitors. It's very impressive stuff, but they don't fit in your pocket like an iPhone.)

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