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Corrupt Xbox Live Moderator On The Loose?

We all know that online gamers can be tools. We expect them to be. But what happen when it seems an Xbox Live moderator is abusing his power. Controversy ensues!

Let me start by saying that the "victim" has performed some serious editing to the following video, which he says is due to audio issues, but could quite possibly be to make himself seem like, well, a victim.  Even though the accused moderator, who goes by the gamertag "The Pro", was being antagonistic, the edit job is cause for an eyebrow raise.

The Pro : XBOX Live Moderator Abuses His Power

Xbox Live Chief of Police, Steven "Stepto" Toulouse says he "will certainly speak to The Pro about his tone" and any banning mentioned in the video was in reference to those caught modding the Modern Warfare 2 gameplay. Toulouse also recognizes "the audio is clearly recut to omit the threats and ToU (Terms of Use) violations" made towards the moderator.

It could go either ways folks, but I simply think the buy was busted for violating Terms of  Use (ToU) and edited the video to swing things his way, BUT on the other hand, The Pro was out of line with his threats and taunts so should be disciplined as well.

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