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Usually, when a game has been out for over four years, the updates have long since ended.  Kojima productions has officially proven that wrong today with an awesome announcement for a certain PS3 exclusive.  In addition, we have more big

To celebrate one month of staying alive in the massive MMORPG market, Funcom is allowing The Secret World to be totally free for any and every person who would like to try it out

Every new game system, when it’s first launched, has a shortage of great games.  The PlayStation Vita launched with a few good titles available in stores, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Lumines: Electronic Symphony for example, but there was one downloadable title that really captured

Remember the Nintendo Virtual Boy? That was a major bomb, wasn't it? Never mind that, though. We've been waiting for virtual reality to be as cool as it is in movies, and Oculus promises just that