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“Papo & Yo” Tackles Another Kind Of Monster

To say Papo & Yo is a personal project for creator Vander Caballero is an understatement. Caballero took what frightened him the most as a child, and brought it into the main story arc of Minority's first game. Here Caballero gets to give kids a chance to face off the same demons he had to go against at their age, giving a unique take on the puzzle platform genre.

Papo & Yo starts off with young lad named Quico, who is hiding from the wrath of a shadowy figure. A dimensional portal opens, sending Quico into a South American landscape. Here his trusty robot toy Lulu comes to life, and tells Quico that he is there to help him on his journey. He meets a girl in this world, telling Quico that he's cursed. Soon Quico comes face-to-face with Monster, an orangey-horned beast who is there to both help and hinder the boy on his journey.

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