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We're now on the Apple News app!

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of the ElectricSistaHood podcast and website, we're taking steps to improve our coverage of video game and anime news by becoming part of the Apple News web app. Starting this week, our news is now available for anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on Apple News.

As a result, we plan to be providing more coverage of things that will be of interest to you, including breaking news from places like PAX East this week, as well as E3 in June. And it can be delivered to you conveniently on your mobile device. This change will let us provide things like video that can be more easily accessed -- no more problems with plug-ins you have to install.

All it takes for you to get easy access to our news feed is a simple one-time installation -- and it's all free. Just follow these steps:


1. Locate and tap the Apple News app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


2. Tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen.


3.Start typing the word "electricsistahood" -- by the time you get to the first "s", you should see our news page pop up on the screen.


4. Tap the "+" sign to the right of the word "ElectricSistaHood". That will add our news feed to your Favorites list.


5. You can see our icon among your favorites by tapping the Favorites button.


6. If you tap on the icon, you'll see a list of our most recent stories.


7. Tap any story to see it pop up on your screen for you to read.

Best of all, now that we are one of your favorites, our stories will also be available to you by tapping the "For You" button at the bottom of your screen. "For You" shows you all the latest stories from all your favorites.

This is part of our growing effort to bring you the best in news and opinions in the world of video games and anime. In addition to our website, podcast and Apple News presence, be sure to check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We will also soon start providing photos and videos on our Instagram page.

And if you have any ideas on where we should be next, leave us a comment on our Facebook page. We'd be glad to hear it.

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