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You really need to check this out. Your favorite voices from the Land of ESH (GeekAggro, B3 and of course ESH) have teamed up with a few friends you may or may not know to bring you the new ElectricSistaHood Magazine!

Each issue of the magazine will touch on various pieces of nerd culture: video games, tech gadgets, anime, movies, music, art, design, style, fan-fiction, short-stories and did we mention the video games?

Try Before You Buy, but DO Buy

Want a sample of what an issue of ElectricSistaHood Magazine will look like? We can do that. Click on the image on the right to have a peek at issue no.1: In The Beginning. In this issue of the magazine we have a feature on the upcoming Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV: Online title as well as some thoughts on 3D Dot Game Heros the Palm Pré, online gaming with the Wii (or lack there of) and more! Stacked to the brim with the stuff you love and none of the crap you don't, Electric Sista Hood Magazine features 28 pages of awesome presented in full color with no advertising in sight.

Electric Sista Hood Magazine, it's like mad magazine got drunk slipped wired magazine and ain't it cool news a roof and had a three-way. Nine months later a baby was born. They named the result of the lustful evening Electric Sista Hood Magazine, ESHie for short... but not really. There are better lines in the magazine, you'll have to buy it to read them though.

Enough Talk, Let Me Buy It Already

Electric Sista Hood Magazine is available as a 6-month subscription in a variety of ways:

  1. PDF only (US and International)
  2. Print form (US mailing addresses only)
  3. Print & PDF (US mailing addresses only)

Those that subscribe to the print version, will receive a PDF version free of charge. VALUE ADDED FTW!

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