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Episode 27: Gift Guide-O-Rama

It's new podcast episode day again... this time, it's the super "buy me stuff" edition.

Well, it's not the final "buy me stuff" edition as we will undoubtedly have a few more of these types of shows between now and New Years Day, but it's a good way to start off the holiday shopping season.

Pandalicious pimps Angel Sanctuary and Final Fantasy XII while MagicMysticGrl shines the "perfect gift" light on the works of Sang Sun Park with special emphasis on texture in manga. [Or Manwha if you are a purist] Le Oro gets in the mix as well, then NinJaSistah rounds out the show with a spotlight on the movie Boiler Room, the PS2 video game God of War, and the XB360 title Viva Piñata. Grab a cup of egg nog and enjoy Episode 27: Gift Guide-O-Rama!

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Rochelle "NinJaSistah" Hinds and Amanda "Pandalicious" Britton are the founders of ElectricSistaHood (ESH), and co-host of the network's flagship podcast, the ESH Cast. For nearly a decade, they have focused their journalistic efforts on video games and anime. That's - as the kids say these days - what's up.