The Sistahs are in agreement about one thing about this week's podcast -- the topic is Naruto. And it's not just the anime series they talk about, but also the manga and the video games.Downloads of Naruto art are among

Monday rears it's ugly head once again, so you know what that means

When the Ninja's away, the Sistahs will play. That's pretty much what's happening in this week's new podcast as Pandalicious and MagicMysticGrl take the mic while NinjaSistah returns from the E3 convention.Pandalicious, who's finally begun her search for a job,

In case you couldn't tell from the title of this item, it's new podcast day here at ESH, and boy oh boy have Pandalicious and NinJaSistah have something good in store for you!This episode is good people. It's got

Ok, so I got a little distracted by my purdy new gadget [iPhone BITCH!] and sorta kinda forgot to post this weeks podcast episode. My bad homies, my bad.That damn phone seduced me people. It lured me away