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Episode 81: Can Kratos Survive a Third Daddy?

Just before NinjaSistah flew out to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronic Show this weekend, she and Pandalicious recorded a new podcast.

Pandalicious talks about a creepy new anime called "Ghost Hound." It doesn't contain ghosts (at least, not Casper-style ghosts) and it doesn't have any hounds, either, but Panda insists it's worth watching.

NinjaSistah discusses several topics, including last week's Xbox Live outage, some free Rock Band tracks (but Playstation players are out of luck), God of War 3 and the HD movie format wars.

And, as usual, there are plenty of rejected titles for this episode:

Three Guys, a Girl and Their Suicidal Thoughts

Anime's Psychic Friends Network

Alien Butt Babies Make You Make an Ass of Yourself

It's Like an Oreo Cookie for Your Ears

There Be Dragons in HD&D

The Farmer's Gettin' a Dell, Dude

So, while Ninja's workin' her butt off in Vegas, you can sit back and enjoy Episode 81: Can Kratos Survive a Third Daddy?

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