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My Top 5 Guitar Hero/Rock Band Downloads

When the Panda's away, the Ninja will play. Mostly, she'll play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. While Pandalicious tastes the goodness of Anime Boston, NinjaSistah decided to delve into her collection of downloadable content for Guitar Hero III and Rock Band. And she pulled out her Top 5 faves for this week's podcast.

Exactly which ones did she pull out of there? Well, you're going to have to actually listen to the thing in order to find out. I'm not telling you here. But let me just say that I think you're going to be pleased with her selections.

In the meantime, Panda's been blogging about her Anime Boston experience, and she'll be back next week to reveal all the details. So enjoy this week's special podcast topic from NinjaSistah: My Top 5 Guitar Hero/Rock Band Downloads.

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