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Episode 90: The Best Little Whorehouse On the PS3

With Anime Boston coming up this weekend, the Sistahs are excited as they can be. And that excitement shows in this week's episode of the podcast.

In addition to a preview of Anime Boston, the Sistahs discuss all facets of gaming. NinjaSistah talks about EA trying to take over Take Two, makers of the Grand Theft Auto series. And Pandalicious goes on and on about dating sim games -- particularly focusing on the question, "why aren't girls the protagonist in these games?"

In any case, it's well worth your hour and seven minutes to listen in. And in case you were wondering, here are some of the titles they rejected for this week's episode:

EA's So Rich, Their Cash Is Brown

ET Listens to This Podcast

EA Shows Take Two Who's the Bully

That Sound Emanating From Ninja's Guitar: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Was That Terriers or Derriers?

Boston Winos Will Be Heading for Rehab This Week

A MILF Would Bring a Whole New Dimension to Paperboy

The Discussion Degenerated to Talk About the Roughness of Sticks

The Only Come-On Line a Girl Needs Is "Hi"

So there you go. Let us know what you think about Episode 90: The Best Little Whorehouse On the PS3.

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