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Episode 112: Dongles Dangle But They Don't Fall Down

Even though NinjaSistah is suffering from jet lag, Pandalicious is suffering from a stairway fall and MagicMystic is suffering from a mysterious ailment, this episode of the ESH podcast is surprisingly cogent.

The Ninja starts it out by talking more about her experiences at the Penny Arcade Expo the previous weekend, particularly new gadgets from Razer and a velvety, but ultimately disappointing videogame. In the meantime, Panda has fallen into lust over a sidescroller called Castle Crashers.

Along the way, their discussions inspired these potential episode titles:

Chris Paladino Can't Feel It Vibrate

Gravity -- It's the Law!

The Sistahs Don't Have a Point-and-Shoot Interface

Panda Would Grow Two More Ears for Another Razer Headset

I Love It When Things Dangle Off My Laptop

She Didn't Know 007, But She Could Probably Count That Hight

Don't Ask NinjaSistah About Her Panty Story

Panda Kissed All the Princesses

Listen, PAX Attendees: Hot Water Plus Soap Equals Clean

Ecstacy for Everyone? That's a Different E4All

I Hate Lag -- It's Impeding My Social Lifes

In any case, we thing you're gonna like Episode 112: Dongles Dangle But They Don't Fall Down.

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