This week, I promise not to bring up Pandalicious' little escapade in recorded audio incident on the new episode of the podcast.Ooops, I already did. My bad Panda, my bad.On the podcast this week, NinJaSistah and Pandalicious attempt to go

The start of the week brings another new episode of the ESH podcast, and this week we learn that caffeine and sugar do not sit too awful well with the sistahs.This is especially true if you add prescription drugs to

Even though NinjaSistah is suffering from jet lag, Pandalicious is suffering from a stairway fall and MagicMystic is suffering from a mysterious ailment, this episode of the ESH podcast is surprisingly cogent.The Ninja starts it out by talking more about

So, the Penny Arcade Expo is now over and I'm bushed, but it is Monday so I had to hit you guys with a special episode of the ESH podcast created by yours truly. I got to spend a bunch