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Episode 118: Sesame Street Is So Not in Jersey

It's been a while since the Sistahs talked about anime, but that's taken care of in this new episode of the ElectricSistaHood podcast.

Ninjasistah expresses her delight about the anime series Solty Rei. Any anime that introduces a female heroine by letting her fall from the sky naked can't be all bad.

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Pandalicious expresses unconditional love toward the narrator of the Nostalgia Critic video cast and his expert choices of favorite cartoon themes of the 1980s and '90s. Ninjasistah might have a few quibbles, but they both thoroughly enjoy his selections.

Here are the titles that were rejected for this week's episode:

The Sistahs Profess Their Love for Each Other While Calling Each Other a Punk

Things Look Dark -- Must Be Night

Suddenly a Naked Chick Fell Out of the Sky

Don't Ask Panda About Her Buffer Underrun

Walt Disney Owned My Childhood

Spoiler Alert: We Give Away the Ending to Old Yeller

Talk to Me -- I'm the Perky One

So enjoy this week's Episode 118: Sesame Street Is So Not in Jersey.

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