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My Top 5: Songs of Rock Band 2

Monday brings along with it a new episode of the ESH podcast, and since NinJa had an at bat on an episode all her own, we had to give Panda equal time on this network.

Ok, so we aren't a network yet, but we are growing in that general direction so stop raining on our parade already. Pandlicious spends a little time in this episode sharing her top 5 picks for best songs featured in Rock Band 2 by MTV Games/EA/Harmonix. By now you should have a firm grasp on how much the sistah's love the Rock Band but if you don't, just make a run through of our past posts and podcast for the last two months. You will lose count of the amount of times we talk about this game, so one more won't hurt.

While I won't give away the list [what will make you listen to the episode if I type it all up here, eh?] I will tell you that it features some great all around songs folks... including stuff by Jonathan Coulton.

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So, grab your headphones and a cup of joe to sit back and enjoy Pandalicious' Top 5: Songs of Rock Band 2 [medium and hard difficulties].

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