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Episode 123: The Sistahs Visit the 24th and a Half Century

To say that the Sistahs are animated in this week's episode of the ElectricSistaHood podcast is an understatement. Just listen for yourself if you don't believe me.

Pandalicious kicks things off with observations on the Anime "The Girl Who Lept Through Time." She offers it as an example of how well Eastern literature is treated in animated form, compared to the treatment of Western literature in animation.

Ninjasistah follows up with a discussion on the Duck Dodgers animation series and how it relates to other Warner and Disney animation of the same era. Along the way Pandalicious delivers a scare about her impending pregnancy.

The titles we turned down for this episode? Here they are:

Never Fall On Anything Gold and Glowing

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Without Wikipedia This Show Wouldn't Exist

Let's Animate Everything!

Suddenly It Turned Into a Parenting Podcast

The Moral Is: Always Chew Your Peas

Yes, I Said Thusly Again -- Deal With It

It's the usual fun and games between the girls, and we think you'll enjoy Episode 123: The Sistahs Visit the 24th and a Half Century.

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