With Pandalicious on assignment at Anime Boston and Ninjasistah off on some kind of ninja mission Evermore is left to his own devices which only means one thing: CLIP SHOW!This one doesn't disappoint. The cutting room floor is part

Got a piping hot fresh episode of our humble little podcast for your listening pleasure, hit the jump to learn more.Xenocore from Ultimate Quest joins us on the mic to talk a bit about anime series that drop some knowledge

We hope you were able to treat your mom to something wonderful yesterday, and if not why not you cheap bastard? Did you at least make a special episode of your podcast like we did? No? What the

It's time to enjoy another new ESH podcast episode folks, and this one stays fairly well focused which is a bit out of the norm for us. Pandalicious and NinJaSistah go on and on and on for a bit