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Episode 155: I Said Cog Already! Cog!

When they say that it's tough to keep all your balls in the air, the Sistahs know that situation all too well. And it's very evident in this week's podcast.

Besides an overdose of references to balls, the Sistahs perform a first this week -- their first review of an iPhone/iPod Touch game: Rolondo II. In addition, Pandalicious talks about trying to boost her abilities in Gears of War II, as well as trying to really understand the anime Red Garden.

As always, there were more proposed titles than they could ever use. Here are this week's rejections:

The Double Entendres Have Double Entendres

You Spread Things Open, You Flick Them and You've Got Balls

You're Gonna Want to Play With These Balls

Ngmoco? Ngplease!

C'mon Plot, It's Time to Move

It's Like Zombies in the City

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You Can't Use the Analogy Unless You've Really Been Kicked in the Face

This Episode Is the Balls

We usually tell you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, but you're going to be doubled-up in laughter as the Sistahs present podcast episode 155: I Said Cog Already! Cog!

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