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Episode 154: 1 Vs. 100 Is a Real Buzz Kill

Things always seem to run right off the tracks when the Sistahs are joined by a guest, and there's no exception to that in this week's podcast. The girls are joined by Alphabox of Dead Pixel Live -- and you've got to hear it to believe it.

Panda enthuses about Prototype, Alpha takes off on Battlezone and Ninja relates her pleasure with the Xbox 360 game show 1 vs. 100. And there are ethnic slurs and a pre-show discussion on balls that's guaranteed to bring on a giggle or two.

Want more proof? Here are the titles that we rejected for this week's show:

If Only the Game Was Like the Box

Would Zombie Sims Be Zims?

Short? Like Gherkin Short?

Seeking Nice Looking Guy With Lightning

Panda's Boyfriends -- All of Them -- Should Avoid This Episode

Hitler Got Close to Unlocking Everything

Perhaps It Should Be Called a First-Person Walker

The Pan Pacific Region Is Not a Pizza

Anyone Who's Played Mass Effect Should Know What the M Stands For

And You'll Be Leaving With the Home Version of Our Game -- Oh -- You're Already Home

Here's a Collector's Item You'll Want to Throw Away

Be sure to stay on for the bitter end as the Sistahs bring you Electric Sista Hood podcast episode 154: 1 Vs. 100 Is a Real Buzz Kill.

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