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Tech Art...Your Own or Not on display for all to see...

The colors of our consoles haven’t really changed since the beginning of gaming history. I guess that’s the world’s way of saying “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” But what about the select few of us, who by some quirky, design desire to show some creative freedom with our console’s appearance? Are we to sit idly by and do nothing of it?

Nay I say! Nay. Back in the day, before bedazzlers, we had to use stickers –- this concept hasn’t gone out of style -- in fact it has simply matured over the years.

Granted there are many other companies now that are doing decals and covers for appliances, but the most common of these tech devices are laptops and cell phones. Every once in a while a gaming decal would pop up, however this was something you got in a collector’s edition of a game. Needless to say this, this isn’t particularly exclusive since some gamers are genetically driven to collect memorabilia.

What about if you desire something unique? Well then look no further than GelaSkins. If you have been at any gaming trade show like E3 or PAX you may have seen a booth with their name on it.

When they first caught my eye, they were giving out samples for the basic laptops, macbooks and even some styles for the iPhone. I didn’t know then how pleasantly surprised I’d be with their whole line and even their options for custom work.

As a test, I had Ninjasistah create for me a simple background that captured my essence in the twitter community. If you are ever looking over my shoulder while I am perusing the twitterverse, then you’ll see it…or if you look at my handy photography work you’ll see it there too!

Pandalicious and her Adventure with GelaSkins.

After a very simple setup you can put your own creative work into a screen that will fit whatever gadget you are designing the skin for. Prices vary depending on the size of the gadget and the shipping and handling. The purely genius thing about these vinyl custom skins lay in their application.

I don’t know about you guys but I have a hard time lining things properly; all of my paintings and posters are always crooked. The great thing about them is they aren’t adhesive, so I can just remove them and start over. Previous decals didn’t really give us that luxury. You had to spend a good forty-five minutes slowly placing the decal down on the surface, and pray to your personal tech god that you don't have to remove it because you will never be able to lay it right again…(that’s what he said…cough)

GelaSkins’ adhesive is not that brutal, in fact it is a lot more forgiving of a shaky hand or a misjudgment of placement. So you can all breathe a sigh of relief.

They do not just do custom skins; they also have a lot of artist-supported work too! So you can find a favorite artist and show him/her off during your day-to-day life. GelaSkins just launched their skins for gaming consoles so now even they can stand out.

I haven’t had the distinct pleasure of getting my hands on a console skin yet, however I can honestly say that the skins I have now were a solid investment.

If you are gaming purist, and I know of several personally, then these wouldn’t interest you. This is all well and good, but you can at least take a peak at their wares, perhaps you will see something interesting. Who knows …you may be pleasantly surprised.

For all of you who are interested, take a peak over at www.gelaskins.com… there is always something new going on over there. I know I’m constantly checking it out.

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