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Ezio Will Help You Score - But Not With The Ladies

We all know that Ezio is a badass. By now you should know that Assasin's Creed 2 is WAAAAAY better AC1, so if you haven't already run through the past/future puncturing skulls along the way on a console Ubisoft has a new reason to give it a go on your PC.

Now I know the Ubi hasn't made many friends lately on the DRM tip but if you are going to let a little thing like making sure you aren't a thieving bastard keep you from possibly winning a free copy of the game or custom AC themed Intel® Core™ i7 820QM notebook made by Invasion Labs, then you lose at the internets.

Ubisoft has partnered with Intel in a cool little giveaway where one lucky sod will win the Invasion Labs notebook while 5 other luck so-and-so's will walk away with an Intel® Core™ i5-750 Processor, and 5 other runners-up will get a copy of AC2 for the PC and a figurine.

ARCADE BLOCK: Epic Gamer Gear, Delivered Monthly. Join Now. Geek Tested. Nerd Approved.

A FIGURINE PEOPLE. Did I mention the mini-game involved? It's for Ezio for crying out loud. Go on, get going. We'll even help you out. We'll have a version of the game you can play while you are hanging out here on the ESH site later on tomorrow so you can play while you indulge in the goodness that is ESH.

If you win, remember where you heard it from.

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