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Good Demo/Bad Demo: Split/Second and UFC Undisputed 2010


What do you get when you take the explosions of Michael Bay flicks and throw them in a blender with the wrecks of the Burnout series? Well, you're supposed to get Split/Second, but what you do get in Split/Second is not quite the action racing spectacle the creators of this game intended.

I was excited that there was a new game that wanted to take arcade  racing to the next level. Split/Second fails because although you get spectacular crashes and Hollywood level explosions, I was disappointed by the sense of speed you get. Triggering explosions was fun, but making you feel as if you're driving at a dangerously high speed isn't there. This might be fun for a while, but this is a one-trick pony I could see wearing out its welcome pretty fast. So this is a bad demo for me.

UFC Undisputed 2010


If you love UFC, there is no way you're going to hate UFC Undisputed 2010.

I'm interested in the online features shown in the demo, so much so that I was disappointed that I could not use them in some form in the demo.

That's alright, because I get to punch dudes - IN THE FACE!

I loved using Rampage Jackson, because he seemed to dominate, while other fighters I used weren't as hard hitting.

This demo was GREAT, but I wish they included a tutorial mode. You get thrown into the game, not knowing how to perform more advanced moves. Punching and kicking will give you a win, no problem, but I wish I could pull of some more complex moves. UFC Undisputed picks up a win, proudly wearing the good demo heavyweight title.

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