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Remixed: L.A. Noire Soundtrack

Rockstar Games announced a partnership with Verve Records to offer the games' soundtrack in both an original recording and "old-meets-new" remix set on May 5th that would be available on May 17th I've had a chance to listen to both music sets now and I have to say I like them both, but the remix set is slightly more enjoyable.


Not to slight the original score — it's fantastic, and compliments the games' aesthetics and mood well — but the remixes offer a differt taken on some known tunes (at least to me) that is interesting at times and at others just refreshing.

The "remixes" track list includes:
1. Elle Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan – “Stone Cold Dead in the Market” (Ticklah remix)
2. Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra – “Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop” (Midnight Sun remix)
3. Dinah Washington – “A Slick Chick (On the Mellow Side)” (Maximum Balloon remix)
4. Louis Jordan – “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” (DJ Premier remix)
5. Gene Krupa – “Sing Sing Sing” (Truth & Soul Remix)
6. Billie Holiday – “That Ol’ Devil Called Love” (Moodymann remix)

I highly recommend the set if you are a diehard Noire fan, and the remixes only if you're a music aficionado that already owns copies of the original tracks.

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