This year, there was a lot to expect from the E3 show.  With all of the new hardware and awesome software that was right in front of our eyes, there was bound to be a gem hidden somewhere that we weren’t quite expecting.  When I got in line to see Aliens: Colonial Marines, I had no idea of the treats that I was in for inside their booth.  When I got inside the metal bunker they had set up in the middle of of the show floor, I took my seat and prepared myself for the live demo.  As I took out my notepad and flipped it open, none other than Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford took the podium to narrate.  If there is one thing that the world knows about Randy Pitchford, it’s that he loves what he does.  Right from the get-go, he made it clear that this project was no exception to that fact.

DO YOU LIKE FLAMING AURAS? Of course you do, case closed!! Alright, so maybe not everyone appreciates everything that goes with shounen fighting anime, but for many people across the world, tournaments and supernatural battles were their bread and butter. Shounen Jump knows this very well, and that's why Toriko became a manga, and now an anime.

This week's podcast episode features guest host Xenocore (from Ultimate Quest fame) and the ladies of ESH talking all things geek: Panda cops a new Nintendo 3DS and goes all "3D" on us, NinJa has a bit of DLC and F2P news and Xeno talks Lantern, Green that is.

The Electronic Arts booth at E3 this year was bombarded with gamers and press. It was a miracle of sorts that no one passed out from the sheer insanity engulfing their space, as every big-named title they were pushing was on the floor for all to try out. I almost found myself unable to play a single title EA was promoting, until I quickly found an opening at the Need For Speed booth. This year will mark the eighteenth release in the popular racing series, and from what I demoed in Need For Speed: The Run the folks at EA are raring to keep your heart pounding with excitement.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="This screencap hurts. Trust me."][/caption] If you went into this anime with no knowledge about this anime, and what the main thrust of the plot was, you would think it was about a plucky teenage girl with

Firefly Studios is bring us the third chapter in it's hit castle-sim and siege-warfare RTS franchise and we're in for some significant changes.

For the last couple of years, Nintendo has started their E3 press conferences with my personal favorite first-party series The Legend of Zelda.  This year, there was a lot to talk about in terms of the Zelda franchise.  Not only did Ocarina of Time 3D come out just a few days ago, but we have downloadable titles for the 3DS and an orchestra touring the world playing music from the games.  The most exciting thing there for me though, was the updated look at The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  What last year was little more than a Zelda-themed tech demo, now feels a lot more like a fully fleshed out game complete with a story.

This week's podcast episode has even more E3 stuff than last week's episode.

The Avengers? No. Justice League? Uh-uh.

Ahh. Like having an ice-cold soda, watching Tiger and Bunny is very refreshing. Tiger & Bunny not only warms my anime-loving heart, but it gives my Superhero comic-loving self a tickle on top of that. I say this, but I don't think this is a show that has you saying "WOW, where have you been all my life?" by the end of the first episode. It is not a bad first episode in any way, but this is not a stunning classic.