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When you see the trailer for MMORTS, you might be prejudiced against it. Where are the hardware-taxing graphics? Where's the grim and gritty character designs? If you think that Age of Empires is a little too cute, then think about

If you have been craving the experience games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance gave you, you might be interested in the Marvel Heroes MMORPG. Developers Gazillion Entertainment (also doing the Marvel Super Hero Squad game) have been revealing what characters will

Guild Wars 2 is dropping some extremely awesome deluxe content for not only those who spend hard, but play hard as well. Find out more about the Deluxe content and how to get it by heading over to our EGMNow

Boston Festival of Indie Games, presented by MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies, announced today their two featured keynote speakers Jason Scott, filmmaker of GET LAMP, an introspective view into interactive fiction, and Leigh Alexander, Kotaku columnist and established games journalist.

AquaPazza has debuted in Japan, and it's somewhat strange. It's strange because the fighters all hail from different anime. OK, that's not a problem. There's lots of action-oriented anime out there, so a dream matchup is a no-brainer! The weirdness

A new Call of Juarez game has been announced. For more, please visit EGMNow's Electric Sista Hood Page

Lately PlayStation has been on a bit of an HD collection binge.  In fact, a good deal of the characters that will appear in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale have had one of these collections released.  With Jak & Daxter Collection, The Sly Collection, God of

Labor Day seems like the best day to answer some of those slow burning questions you have all had Only problem with that is you never heard us ask them..