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Worcester Stop In “NOFRIENDS” Tour Leaves Aftershock of Awesomeness Behind!

Prepare yourselves for a Nerdcore RPG journey that you'll want to encounter!

That’s Entertainment found at 244 Park Ave Worcester Mass was (for a brief shiny moment) the stage home to some of Nerdcore’s finest last night. The lineup was arranged very much like an ideal RPG party with a berserker, rogue, fighter,red Mage,sage and lastly a ranger.

Jesse Dangerously (The Beserker) opened the show. His job was to be an unstoppable physical presence capable of taking damage and dealing it right back. He stood ready to lunge with “Slept Through a Landslide”. It lowered the crowds guard leaving them wide open for his unpredictable flow. His attack and intensity on the microphone definitely proved his “Halifax Rap Legend” status. He didn’t have to fight the silent crowd for too long and shattered the silence to pieces. He set the pace for victory.

The Thought Criminals, Mikal KHill (The Rogue) bathed in the shadows of the room, made his mark. Cunningly and effortlessly hitting the crowd with massive crits and stuns. They were paralyzed with his silver tongue’s acrobatics. “I’m Awesome” was tailor made for Mikal KHill’s set . What rogue do you know doesn’t brag of their skill? None-- exactly.

Adam WarRock (The Fighter) took the third slot. With the mic posed to strike, he struck to kill. The crowd had no chance to survive against his lyrical relentless assault. One can tell how a show is going by its midpoint. Adam made sure every single person was bouncing around like molecules in the happiest unstable element known to man.- whichever one that may be. He touched the audience with “I Kill Giants” and setup Tribe One to hit it on home.

The most balanced set of the night goes to Tribe One (The Red Mage). Not only does he weave words in a way to make you say “Hey!” His words penetrate your subconscious until that mental light flickers on and you say “Hey!” again. However,this time it has some newfound context. Being a master of both white and black magic, he gave the audience much needed doses of empowerment with his “I’m a Big Deal” spell and perspective through casting “Different”.

Shane Hall donned on his “Sage” gear, readied his dolphin staff while dropping bombs from his salt and peppered beard of wisdom. Proficiently casting one of his ice breaker spells “Better Weird Than Dead”following it with his ever mighty truth spell “Sound of the Snake” should have been enough. However, calling for Danny Phantom (The Ranger) to join him for their combined “Death Notes” attack made all the more sense.

The battle though well fought wasn’t done. The added fire power from Danny Phantom delivered the killing blow. Some people don’t understand the true strength of the ranger. The craft of the ranger is deliberate and precise. When it makes contact with its target-the outcome is game over. Phantom’s style screams just this. It is smooth and stylish to the ear. His lyrics cut through the air like a warm knife through cold butter. Phantom pays proper tribute to the old school ways, which lead to a perfectly harmonious fusion of sound.

The Worcester show was a whirlwind of familiar beats combined with the right touch of obscure references and nerd humor. It is still in its infancy and could be making its way to a place relatively close to you. Make the effort to support this musical art- If I can drive an hour plus out of my way- so can some of you! I have never lead you wrong before so why start now.

You can find all of these artists through their respective BandCamp and SoundCloud pages. You are doing your ears the biggest disservice by NOT listening to them. You have been given the path to enlightenment- Will you take it?

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