So this Monday the sistahs talked about a great IndieGoGo Campaign you should all be aware of. Also they talked about the recently announce Playstation 4. The girls interview writer, Ross Thibodeaux about his baby, Son of Blackslaw. We can't stress

Every now and then, a video game will allow you to blow off some steam in the guise of a terrible villain.Impire has its own take on the villain-as-protagonist subgenre.     In Impire, you are walking in the tiny shoes of Baal-Abaddon,

If fighting the harsh cold weather, and bacteria filled air, the sistahs bring video games news and anime front and center. Ninja talked about the news Sony plans to share with the world on Tuesday. Jointly the sistahs talk about

So as you could tell last week the sistahs didn't have a show. It was Super Bowl Sunday. They almost didn't have a show this week due t sickness and Blizzard Nemo giving them a run for their money-- literally.

  In my Youtube travels, I came across information I was not aware of before. I love the OP and ED songs for Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss), and it turns out that the song "Kamisama Onegai" is not a 2012 original,