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You'll feel like the king of the world in TransOcean 2

The game's made for accountants more than able-bodied seamen

At a pivotal point in the Titanic movie, the character Jack Dawson stands at the front of the ship and proclaims, "I'm the King of the World!" That's how you'll feel when you stand at the helm of an ocean-going vessel in the video game TransOcean 2: Rivals.

But you won't be able to enjoy the glory for long, because you will be beset by a pile of problems. That's because this isn't just a float-the-boat simulator. Developer Deck13 Hamburg and publisher astragon Entertainment call it an "economic strategy simulator," whatever that is.

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The makers say of the game, "players take on the role as a boss of their own shipping line, going head-to-head with their international rivals in the quest to secure the most lucrative contracts and propel their business to global success and renown.

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"Starting out in one of 60 available ports with a small fleet of tiny merchant vessels, players will look to complete their first contracts to nearby ports in order to generate their initial funds. From there, they will slowly expand their fleet, with a choice of tankers, container ships and bulk carriers, establishing subsidiaries all over the world through the application of astute business practices, planning their voyages with foresight and not underestimating external factors such as the price of oil or the activities of their rivals. A sophisticated economic system influencing all types of goods within the game also ensures that players will be faced with a variety of macroeconomic challenges."

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Sounds like this is a game more for accountants than able-bodied seamen. And there aren't any pretty girls to fall in love with.

The game features three single-player modes: Campaign, Endless Game and Competition. It also has a competitive multiplayer mode for up to eight players. It is available on Steam.

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