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Wargame Red Dragon adds Netherlands DLC

Game on sale for 70 percent off this weekend

Although The Netherlands has never been considered much of a military power, the makers of Wargame features the European country in its new DLC, Wargame Red Dragon.

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And in honor of the new DLC, the makers are putting the Wargame Franchise Pack on sale at 70 percent off on Steam through May 23.

Eugen Systems, makers of the real-time strategy video game, explain, "The Netherlands have a foundation of unique, indigenous, units such as the YP-408 and the YP-104 that are joined by the Korps Marinier and the Special Forces unit, KCT. Most nations buy foreign gear second-hand and often obsolete, but the Netherlands has access to some of the best units that other countries have to offer. Following their units are local variations of French, English, American and German units like the Cheetah, the YPR-765 and the AMX-13/FL-12."

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