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Girls Und Panzer

Girls Und Panzer's Anzio OVA coming March 21

While World War II took five years to fight in Europe, the girls of Oorai Girls' Academy need only 38 minutes to wrap up their fight. That's the length of the OVA "Girls Und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle!" being released March 21.

With both English-dubbed and Japanese with English-subbed options, the contents are described this way: "For the enthusiasts who've puzzled over the epic tank battle between the girls of Oorai and their Italian-themed rivals from Anzio High School, we present these classified videos for your eyes-only. Miho and Team Oorai will have their hands full with the impulsive attacks of Vice-Commander Pepperoni and facing the raw fury of Vice-Commander Carpaccio… but the real question is whether they can hold off Anchovy's ultra-secret secret weapons."

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