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Nerd, ex-cop and schoolgirl combine for danger in Mezzo

A follow up to the 2001 OVA Mezzo Forte, the anime series Mezzo DSA has been collected in one package called Mezzo Complete Collection, and will be available on DVD starting March 21.

In both English-dubbed and Japanese with English-subtitled options, the series was originally shown in 2004.

The press release describe it this way: "Mix one gadget-happy engineer, an ex-cop with a serious noodle fixation and the ultimate bad girl: the highly combustible result is the Danger Service Agency. Brainy Harada and crafty Kurokawa may not seem like the most dangerous mercenaries to ever hit the streets, but it takes only one look at at Mikura's skintight body suit and huge pair of M1911s to see that she has the assets to kick some serious butt. Toss in Asami, the DSA's new schoolgirl killer-in-training, and the DSA is guaranteed to fulfill your daily girls-with-guns requirements."

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