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PAX East 2017 | Day 1 Expo Floor

PAX East 2017 - It Has Begun

Every year that I walk through the doors at the Boston Convention and Expo Center (BCEC) for PAX East, I almost immediately feel excited...and I've attended every single 'East' since 2010.

I love video games. I love playing them. I love watching how other people react when they play them. I love talking with developers and creators about their creations...everything about the industry captivates and inspires me. Each time I start to question whether being part of the gaming community is something I want to continue doing, East rolls around and I am immediately reminded why I love video games.

Video games bring people together at PAX East.

Over the course of this weekend nearly 70,000 people will walk the expo floor. They'll attend panels, concerts, and parties. More importantly, they'll make new friends through the shared experience of playing a new game. All of these people have paid to see what's new, and get there hands on something they've never tried before. I'm personally looking forward to going hands-on with the Nintendo Switch this weekend. And by the simple act of making it through the queuing process, they will meet new people that they share a common interest in.

Maybe they'll buy some merch. Maybe they'll win some swag. Maybe they'll try tabletop gaming for the first time ever. The possibilities are really endless at an PAX show.

We are only officially an hour into the first day as I write this, on a cold and snowy day in Boston, and already I've seen some extremely cool cosplay (a pretty fantastic 'Mercy' from Blizzards' MMO title 'OVERWATCH' and a perfect General Organa from the 'Star Wars' franchise), gone hands-on with an alpha build of a game called 'My Memory Of Us' (which I will be reviewing on the site soon) and booty-bumped with Earl from 'Toe Jam and Earl' at the AdultSwim Games booth.

All while another few thousand people stood outside in the snow, waiting to get through the bag check line and join me.

This weekend, and throughout the weeks to come, we will be sharing news, reviews, and reactions to everything the whole team will be experiencing at the show. I invite you to engage us on social media (@eshnews) on our Facebook Page (facebook.com/LandOfESH) - where we will be streaming LIVE from the show floor and our podcast round table on Sunday at 10:30am EST - and be part of this annual gathering of gamers that is PAX East 2017.

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