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"Trove" intuitive and enjoyable

Trove is an eccentric cubed MMO that brings all the fun of mining, building and questing into one explosive game.

At PAX, I got the opportunity to meet with Trove character animator Robin Luera. Throughout my console demo of Trove, Robin guided me through the many realms found in this vast game. We started by going over the basic game mechanics and travel functions. Trove plays similar to Minecraft, but more fluid and you see your character in third-person view.


The combat system is very intuitive, and you'll mostly find yourself hacking your way through weaker hordes using one button, although there are other attacks and abilities that can be used, depending on your character class.

The jumping system in the game is most intriguing. You can customize your character's stats to basically have unlimited jumps, letting you reach any height. You can select from a large catalog of mounts to grant you other travel abilities, depending on the mount.

Trove has a whopping 15 classes to choose from. This lets players find something that fits their ideal play style and remain unique from others in the game. The classes you can choose from include Dino Trainer, Tomb Raiser, Ice Sage and The Revenant.

My overall first impression of Trove was a positive one. I enjoyed exploring various lands in the game world and testing out the different special abilities available for each class. This game is truly a fun experience and I will be playing Trove now that it's just been released on Xbox One and PS4.

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