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GAME REVIEW | Getting Riggity Wrecked With VR "Rick and Morty"

Have you ever wanted to be in an episode of the [adult swim] hit Rick and Morty? With the power of virtual reality and the aid of Owlchemy Labs, that opportunity has come to fruition. But is such an experience too good to be true? In a surprising twist Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality not only stays to the canon of the show, but offers a wonderfully chaotic immersion within the confines of the popular series.

Virtual Rick-Ality has you in the role of a Morty clone, which is basically a disembodied head and two hands. Things start off slow with tiny tasks like doing the laundry and fetching a package. However as a Rick and Morty adventure usually goes, the fun times hurdle towards the realm of madness. Soon you'll be assisting with fetching alien eggs, shooting giant bug minions who are just doing their job, and partaking in a virtual game within a virtual game that's almost as good as the original Blips & Chitz staple!

Rick & Morty VR 2

Playing with the Oculus Touch controllers and headset, I found myself roaming around the area as I grabbed items, interacted with them, and attempted to see what sort of craziness I can attempt. While I do not want to spoil what I experienced, what I can say is that there are aspects of this game that will have you attempting to not drop on the floor laughing. Finding little tidbits here and there (i.e. pulling off a Meeseek's VR goggles, drinking bleach, eating giant laxatives) will no doubt entertain anyone willing to sit through Grandpa Rick's crazy tirades.

It's because Virtual Rick-Ality stays true to the Rick and Morty universe that helps make every aspect of it enjoyable. Hearing Rick, Morty, Summer, and (sometimes) Jerry rant and ramble about the frustrations of intergalactic life and the mundaneness of troubled marriages always manages to hit their comedic marks. During its two-hour duration you feel like you've been planted right in the middle of one of the stronger episodes in the series. Even the hidden cassette tapes that you can discover throughout has some of the funniest dialogue you'll hear in any game this year.

Rick & Morty VR 3

Of course, the overall gameplay experience does comes with one slight flaw. My run-through had some controller issues where my hands would fly off and not return for a couple minutes. Thankfully there was no need to recalibrate when they finally did come back, but it still was a bit irksome. Then there was the problem with initiating the watch that Rick had me wear to call him, which wouldn't activate half the time I tried to do so.

While the overall campaign for Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality is on the short side, there's a good chunk of things to do that'll have you coming back to it. Various shooting & battery-charging mini-games and item experimentation will be right at your fingertips, all of which will result in some good laughs. Or if you've had a rough day at work, you can always just grab random objects, smash them to bits, and then repurchase them with Jerry's stolen credit card.


  • Feels like being in the show
  • Great interactions, item experimentation
  • Hilarious dialogue, Easter Eggs


  • Some controller issues


Virtual reality has never been as funny as it's been with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality While it does have some minor controller issues, its presentation and keen sense of humor will certainly keep gamers and fans of the series entertained throughout its runtime. In the world of VR, Virtual Rick-Ality is the Szechaun sauce of gaming experiences.


Promotional consideration provided by Evolve PR and [adult swim games]. Reviewed on the Oculus Touch. Special thanks to Thomas Hogan.

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