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ESH Cast #568: No one likes to be slapped with the truth stick

One of the truths we hold self evident is that we all know just how addictive video gaming can be. Heck, almost anything that we enjoy could become addictive.

But when the World Health Organization said it was studying the possibilty that gaming was addictive, long-time gamers were up in arms. How dare could you accuse gaming of something so heinous?

But, as we discuss in this week's podcast, the WHO study is probably a necessary and good thing. We've certainly seen addictive personalities ourselves, and if it ends up being classified as a disease, it will be easier to fight. We don't want anyone to become a pariah over video game playing, and this should eliminate that problem.

Not that we want to lose you as a faithful listener, of course. We want you to continue to enjoy our weekly rants. We just want to make sure you enjoy the rest of life as well -- family, friends and a career that helps pay the bills so you can keep playing.

We keep trying to hit all the bases as well. Panda gives her opinions about the PC game What Remains of Edith Finch [Xbox One, PC], while Ninja goes on a rant about the changes recently made to Destiny 2 [PS4, Xbox One]. We also manage to sneak in a reference to Dana Carvey as well.

And we assure you that we're not addicted to playing video games. We have good jobs, happy families and a great work-life-play balance. And we wish the same for you.

Give us an hour and we'll tell you what we think in this week's show, ESH Cast #568: No one likes to be slapped with the truth stick.

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