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PAX EAST 2018 | "The Swords of Ditto"

Adventure often calls those who aim to rise to the occasion. Sometimes it's when danger arrives, and other occasions it can be just in the nick of time. In Onebitbeyond's debut title The Swords of Ditto, a hero can only be called upon once every one hundred years, and depending on how the previous hero fares will affect the world you embark in.

With the aid of head designer Sam Robinson, I embarked in a good chunk of The Swords of Ditto within the Devolver Digital booth. You begin the game aiming to slay the evil Mormo, only to have your butt handed to you when he kills you in one fell swoop. You then awaken a century later, with the town looking a little drearier than usual. As you roam through the town, you are given the chance to thwart off Mormo's evil plans via diving into dungeons, taking care of his minions, and weakening his powers with each area conquered. Of course, taking down the most sinister of foes will never be easy.

Swords of Ditto PAX 1

My time with The Swords of Ditto had me play two of the dungeons featured in the game. As the game is procedurally generated, I cannot say that these will be the same two dungeons you'll face when you personally play them. What I can tell you is that you can expect a plethora of hack 'n' slash antics, clever puzzles, and a massive foray of weaponry and skills at your disposal. In one instance, I was given the chance to use a drone to attack enemies, with the option of exploding it and whatever is in its vicinity in a gorgeously pixelated mass of fire! It's a crazy little title, but with its Adventure Time-styled personality, it could very well garner the attention from players of all ages.

As the game can be played co-op, I was given the chance to experience the two-player mode that it showcases. As you work together with your friend, you can solve these puzzles and traps together, giving way to some solid fights against the enemies onscreen. (I personally found the boss battles far more emotionally investing when you have a pal to give you an extra boost.) Friendship plays a big role in this game's presentation, as you can share your collectibles, gold, and weaponry that you both discover. Heck, you can even revive a fallen hero with the power of hugging, a sweet and adorable little tidbit that adds a huge dose of heart into its presentation.

Swords of Ditto PAX 2

Needless to say, The Swords of Ditto is shaping to be one of 2018's most memorable retro adventure titles. Considering it takes roughly 20 hours before  you see some sort of repeat in level layout, there is a plethora of content that you'll be able to discover. On top of that, new content will be added throughout the game's lifespan, giving way to new modes, enemies, weapons, goodies, and even heroes you can discover. Thankfully, the wait to dive into this adventure will not be long, as The Swords of Ditto arrives on PS4 and Steam on April 24th. Gamers: start practicing your sword skills!


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