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    King Baby Duck's Anime Calamity: Hetalia: Axis Powers

    posted @ 2/15/2009 02:36:00 PM by King Baby Duck
    Today's Anime Calamity takes a look at "Hetalia: Axis Powers."

    “Hetalia” or “helpless Italian” tells the story of different soldiers representing different countries during the first and second World War, and then exaggerating their biggest stereotypes. We meet Germany, who was able to infiltrate the former Roman Empire with a stick. He finds a tomato box that starts talking to him. Germany opens the box, where out pops Italy, a carefree coward that befriends the country and marches off to help him fight his battles. Unfortunately they get caught by France, and are forced to make cuckoo clocks and bills until the start of World War II.

    The anime “Hetalia” is shown in five-minute segments. As of right now the first three are available and are quite humorous. The stereotypes are done in such a way that they’re too ridiculous to even be ridiculed. You just have to watch and laugh. It’s even funny seeing England and America constantly fight with one another, as America is the estranged sibling to the country. What’s also interesting about this show is the fact that even with all the wackiness in the series the show is quite educational. Throughout the program the actions of each character mirror an event that has happened in both World Wars. It’s clever, funny, and informative.

    However it has come to much attention about “Hetalia,” and its portrayal of South Korea; so much that the TV airing of the show was canceled in favor of just a web viewing. Now first off I don’t see what all the fuss is all about. Every country involved in the series is picked on equally. Second it was revealed that South Korea won’t even be in the anime series, as it didn’t have a role in either World War. Third anime fans in Korea have gotten so angry about “Hetalia” to the point where they are threatening to fly to Japan and kill the original author (even though he lives in New York). As someone who listens to both sides of the story, I feel that the Korean anime and mange fanbase are overreacting about a series that should not be taken seriously. I don’t get offended when they make fun of America, and I am pretty sure no other country would feel offended by this series. So for those who feel offended by the show: shut up and get yourself a funny bone transplant.

    “Hetalia: Axis Powers” gets an A-, but I really do urge you to read the original manga first. That way you might be able to follow it better.

    This is King Baby Duck: "Ain't born to lose, baby, I'm born to win. I'm so Godddamn slick, baby, it's a sin."

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