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First Nerdgasm of 2010: ESH@CES Las Vegas!

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    Preview: Blue Microphone Yeti

    posted @ 1/22/2010 09:50:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    If you happened to catch our podcast last week and listened to the entire hour than you know I spent some time with Blue Microphones at CES a couple of weeks ago.

    Well, I'm going to be reviewing that USB mic [called the Yeti] very soon and wanted to give you a sneak peek at what I'm playing with.

    When at CES we talked about Blue Microphone's new iPhone external microphone device "The Mikey" and a soon-to-be release USB microphone designed with podcasters and home musicians in mind. This microphone, "the Yeti," reminded me of why I love working in audio... it's just flat out sexy!

    Lightly coated brushed metal-esque finish, gorgeous steel mesh protecting it's cardioid innards and THX certification emblem is enough to make a gal buy one just to put it on display. Don't get it twisted, I plan on road-testing the hell out of this mic including recording my side of our next few podcasts with it in addition to some special little projects I have created to really push all of Yetis' buttons and see just how well it can handle what people can through in its general direction. If you are in the market for a new USB microphone for professional level recording and don't want to wait for my review, you can pick up a Yeti of your own for the Apple Store Online for $149.95.

    While I have done little more than take it out of the box at this point, I do have some of those nerdc0re photos for you on our newly created Flickr stream! Peep the show below and be on the look out for more images to hit that feed soon!

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    You Don't Want to Hear My Choice

    posted @ 1/13/2010 12:56:00 AM by evermore

    My biggest WTF moment at CES came when I encountered this little guy on Sunday afternoon. I have a funny caption for it, but NinjaSistah is sure it will offend her sister, so I'm withholding it for now. Perhaps you can come up with a better one.

    If you have a good idea for a caption, please send it along to If we think it is as funny as you do, we'll publish it here.

    What exactly is this little guy? Well, he is supposed to help teach little kids a foreign language. Just looks scary to me.

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    Where In the World Are the Sistahs?

    posted @ 1/11/2010 12:09:00 PM by evermore

    Although this girl is pointing to somewhere in the desert of Saudi Arabia, the Sistahs weren't even close to there when recording this week's podcast. Instead, NinjaSistah was in the desert (Las Vegas), covering the Consumer Electronics Show, while Pandalicious was comfortably at home in the snowdrifts of New England (and perhaps pant-less).

    As you might expect, CES was at the forefront of their discussion on the podcast this week, focusing on 3D television technology, e-readers and some new games for the PS3, as well as some talk on Google's new Nexus One phone.

    Here are the titles we rejected for this week's podcast:

    Now Vanna Can Turn the Letters Right In Your Living Room

    But Sony Loves Kids -- Just Look At the Game Boy

    The Mac and Cheese Torch Has Been Passed

    Books -- You Know -- Manga Without Pictures

    Get a load of this and all the usual ESH goodness -- as well as our replacement for toast -- by listening to Episode 179: 3D! It Kinda Reeks of Poop.

    (By the way, the girl in the photo is a representative of Kimin Electronic Co., Ltd., a company which manufactures large -- up to 42-inch -- touchscreen monitors. It's very impressive stuff, but they don't fit in your pocket like an iPhone.)

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    CES Last Day Thoughts

    posted @ 1/10/2010 07:44:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    I'm writing this on my iPhone as I make my way from the LVCC North Hall on the last day of CES 2010 and I have to say that all in all it has been a very successful show.

    The crowd returned this year as evidenced by my lack of getting lunch on a regular basis with the press room (which opened for lunch at 11:30am) being out of boxed sandwiches by 20 after noon, but I was glad to see it. It means that both the economy and the consumer electronic market is makinging a comeback.

    Over the past four days I've seen more tech designed to help your tech better reflect your personality, save you money by using less power and even things that just don't make that much sense (yes iGuGu Game Core I'm looking at you) than I can currently wrap my mind around. One thing is for sure: I would change a single moment of it.

    Shows like CES help breed competition within an industry while introducing new ideas and shining the spotlight on industry thought leaders. In an age where transparency and innovation are key to economic success it is incredibly cool to see events like CES not only surviving but thriving.

    As I start tunneling through the mountains of PR materials I've picked up this week and writing articles on some of the gadgets, companies, and people that impressed me one way or another it won't be the aching of my calves or feet that sticks out in my mind nor the lady in the bathroom that boosted some of my swag while I was taking a tinkle, it will be the excitement of celebrating the new and shared geeking out moments that will dominante the memories of Vegas and that's not too shabby.

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    Madden 1.9K82

    posted @ 1/09/2010 02:57:00 AM by evermore

    Believe it or not, this is one of the "new" games introduced this year at CES in Las Vegas.

    It's part of Microsoft's soon-to-come Gameroom for Xbox 360, in which you are a visitor in a giant three-story mall arcade with some of the favorite games from the 1970s and '80s, including Centipede, Pitfall and Lunar Lander.

    You'll hear more about this and more modern games like the forthcoming Mass Effect 2 on the next couple of ESH podcasts.

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    Hello Kitty -- Putting Fun Back in Child Labor

    posted @ 1/09/2010 02:30:00 AM by evermore

    Although this Hello Kitty looks like it wants to walk like an Egyptian, it's designed to be an MPG -- that's short for "Man-Powered Generator." To be honest with you, I don't know any men who would be caught dead cranking on a Hello Kitty ride.

    It's hard to envision the dimensions of the unit by this picture, but it seems to be designed for a small child, perhaps 60 or 70 pounds at most, to ride and turn the handlebars round and round to generate power.

    According to the literature provided by the manufacturer, Porng Da Electronic Co., Ltd, of Guangdong Province in China, it would take 30 minutes of cranking on Hello Kitty to provide 25 minutes of power for a notebook computer. Just leave it to the Chinese to make child labor seem fun.

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    Another Elvis Sighting

    posted @ 1/09/2010 01:04:00 AM by evermore
    Well, it wouldn't be Las Vegas without Elvis, and during CES, Elvises sprout up like Santa Clauses at Christmas.

    This particular Elvis was helping the company Tiffen to demonstrate a holder for the iPhone that acted as a Steadicam, keeping the picture from being jumpy when the camera was being moved around.

    As it turned out, Ninjasistah was in the same area just a little earlier, and Faux Elvis sang Barry White's "You're My First, My Last, My Everything" to her.

    I wish I had gotten a picture of that.

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    Mobility At CES

    posted @ 1/07/2010 11:50:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    Wednesday night I spent a glob of time at Digital Experience a mini CES one-night event that runs in parallel with with its larger bastard cousin here in Las Vegas, which I enjoy because it allows me to get some intimate time with some PR folks before the exhaustion that is 4 days in the desert sets in.

    One such encounter happened at the Lenovo table.

    The avid Mac fanatic in me was screaming the entire way over to the table, but the fact of the matter is as much as I love my 15 inch MacBook Pro he's not easy to lug around trade show events like CES. It's a bit cumbersome to whip out Alem (the name of my MBP) at a presser that has less space open then a sardine can. I do have a 12 inch Power Book G4 that I used to bring around and I may start doing that again but part of the reason I brought Alem into my life was to have a machine powerful enough to do video and audio work on the spot as well as any fast graphics I may need to turn around for an article. It's this last statement that for the most part has kept me out of the netbook range outside of the fact that they are all Windows OS based machines. (Though some can be hackintosh'd. Don't know what that means, Google It.) However, until the fine folks at 1 Infinite Loop decide to hook a sista up with a 10 inch MBP (the sucker has to at least let me run Aperture on it, my library is on an external drive so I only need 160GB internal... in case Apple is listening) I am heavily looking into finding a small machine that can handle my fingers of furious internet searching, coding, and twittering.

    And with that, I was introduced to the Lenovo X100e. Starting around $499 with many customizations available (up to a 320 GB internal drive, 4GB of RAM and Bluetooth) and sporting Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (upgradable to Windows 7 Pro) she's not a bad lil machine. I say she because the model I got to play with was hooker red and whenever I think of hookers, I think of ladies of the night not dudes of the night. Sexist I know, but what can you do? The X100e sports an 11 inch screen and offers up around 5 hours of battery life which should get any social media addict through a days' work with a minute or two to spare. Where I was nearly sold on an impulse by was the weight of the machine. If you haven't gotten it by now, size does matter to me as well as weight. I do not want to carry around the equivalent of a bowling ball on my back or hip all day to have the ability to do my job.

    I even went as far earlier today to visit the Lenovo Web site and price out a machine for my needs and built a 160GB Windows 7 Pro 2 GB machine with Norton Antivirus pre-installed and Lenovo's standard warranty for $554 which isn't too bad considering what I would be walking away with, but I'm not jumping ship just yet so Alem has nothing to As we start ramping up the events we cover here at ESH mobility is going to be king, and I'm not sure that Alem will always be a travel companion for me because he's just too big.

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    It's Been a Monster of a Day

    posted @ 1/07/2010 08:35:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    As my first day at CES starts winding down (at least the big business end of it that is) I wanted to chime in with the company that made the largest impression on me today: Monster Cables.

    In the past I have made no secret of the fact that I love music. I have a separate 2 Terabyte (2TB) storage system (that I intend to grow to a 4TB system shortly) just for my itunes library. All new music imported to that library comes in as Apple Lossless and video comes in at as high a bit rate as I can stand to let process overnight. The speaker system I use at home to listen to that music does pretty well for being a jerry-rigged/patched set of 11 year old Labtec computer speakers wired to an Olevia television set, but I have not been satisfied with my headphone options for when I am on the go.

    Being a designer in my day job, quality and customization are big-ticket issues for me when it comes to the technology I purchase. In a former life I worked at an Apple Retail store and spent a lot of time with customers talking through what they wanted out of their own mobile listening experience. We would run through all kinds of questions ranging from "what kind of music do you predominately listen to on the go?" to the inevitable "how much do you want to spend?" or "do you want something that will last you a few years or just get you through a month of working out?" Over time I noticed one common thread seemed to always be the bottom line of the conversation: it had to last, sound great, and not look like ass.

    Love them or hate them one thing is for sure, the things I saw today while visiting with Monster Audio do all three of those things.

    I started out my hour with Daniel Torres who does European Training for Monster talking about the different models of Beats by Dre on the market today, and then was treated to a demo at a listening station 3 different types of music samples to listen to. (Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, and Rock) The first thing I noticed about the listening station that I thought was ballsy of Monster was that they allowed you to plug in your own set of headphones and compare your set to the Classic Beats and Solo Beats on the spot. The second thing I noticed was the sound. My ever-loving-deep-bass heart did skip a beat but I'll get back to that later on. We then spent some time in a media room where I was treated to sampling of Monster's entire line of high-end audio headsets and in-ear headphones. From the Lady GaGa designed heartBeats to the Monster Turbine Pro Professional Edition every set had its own unique style, audio profile, and audience. This is where that "customization" item I mentioned earlier comes in.

    I have in the past year alone purchased and either returned or "gifted to friends and family" no less than 10 sets of headphones/earbud because they have disappointed me in either their style or audio quality. I am not an audio snob, but I am starting to become quite the little audiophile much to the disappointment of my husband. Whenever I get a new set of headphones/earbuds I immediately run them through the Kick-Ass test. In my iTunes library I have a playlist I call "Kick Ass" that has a sampling of songs that I feel tells me if I have found the perfect set of speakers/headphones/earbuds for me. A couple of songs on "Kick Ass" include:
    • My Week Beats Your Year - by Telefon Tel Aviv
    • Why You Wanna - by T.I.
    • Wait - by the Ying Yang Twins
    • Sexy Lady - by Yung Berg
    • Spin Spin Sugar - by Sneaker Pimps
    • Knights of Cydonia - by Muse
    • Organ Donor - by DJ Shaddow
    • Bounce - by MSTRKRFT
    • Higher Ground - by Stevie Wonder
    • Sledgehammer - by Peter Gabriel
    • Life's What You Make It - by Talk Talk
    • Beginners Falafel - by Flying Lotus
    • Once in a Lifetime - by Talking Heads
    That list is eclectic, I know. So am I.

    I have owned 3 sets of V-Moda in ear headphones, 2 sets of Sennheiser over the ear headsets, a pair of SkullCandy over the ear headphones (which got returned), and a pair of SkullCandy in-ears that I kept, a pair of Shure in-ear headphones, and a set of over the ear cans from Audio-Technica and while the list does go on I'm going to stop here. All those headsets either left me wanting in the quality department, (bass too heavy or not enough, in some cases non-existant) or in the looks department. (too butch looking, too loudly colored or just plain, well plain looking) Like those people at the Apple Store, I want something that sounds great, (if I have to turn the iPhone Equalizer on you lose) fits great in my weird little ear canals, and on the aesthetic side kinda reflects my personality.

    I'm anxious to try out the in-ear sets and the Solo Beats because they seem like the best "road warrior" safe sets created by Monster. You can bet I'll test them against my "Kick Ass" playlist and let you know how well they score.

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    It's 5am Somewhere

    posted @ 1/06/2010 08:59:00 AM by Ninjasistah
    It's 8:21 am as I start to type this post, and thanks to the fine folks at Google and Virgin America I write this from my flight to Las Vegas as I make my way to another Consumer Electronics Show. [A.K.A CES]

    While I'm still uncertain about EXACTLY what I will get to see and play with this year one thing is for sure: 2010 has already started off as the year of gadgets. Google's Nexus One is on sale contract free for $549 and will work with most SIM cards that use the GSM protocol. [Saddly no AT&T 3G support yet, but Google is never satisfied with anything short of perfection so I am certain this will change. Oh yeah, and you can get it for $149 with a T-Mobile contract.]

    The folks over at Sling Media have announced a new touch screen remote that looks amazing [it get's your channel guide from the interwebs via built in wifi] but according to team Engadget the catch is that the remote will be made available via cable providers only. Take a gander at it, it's pretty geek chic. Let's hope my cable provider get's pressured by the local pro sports players that want the sucker so they can look cool on their episode of MTV Cribs.

    Oh yeah, and we can't for get the rumors of what Apple will be announcing on the 27th. God help my budget if it's a tablet. It will mean I can put the MacBook Air purchase off and get a mobile machine that I want to replace my older-school 15 inch MacBook Pro who gave me the scare of the week so far when it booted to a kernel panic this morning.

    One thing for sure, I will be:
    • caught doing karaoke
    • checking into as many new mobile and personal tech gadgets as I can get my hands on
    • keeping my Nexus One money in my pocket until I see what Jobs announces on the 27th.

    If you have gadget predictions, make sure to send them our way either via our email address [] or through twitter []

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    CES 2010: Gotta Start Packing

    posted @ 1/03/2010 12:51:00 AM by Ninjasistah
    So the trade show behemoth known as CES [Consumer Electronics Show] is nearly upon us all and I haven't even begun to pack. As if 4 days chock full of playing with the latest, greatest, and possibly lamest tech gadgets isn't enough to get my heart pumping, but it's 4 days full of playing with tech in Las Vegas.

    I really need to pack.

    Both myself and Evermore will be on hand trolling the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center [LVCC] talking with PR reps, VP's, folks taking their own inventions out for a spin and in all honesty I can't wait. Ever since I visited the city of sin to attend my first CES event I have been infatuated with it. If you have listened to any of my previous CES coverage then you already know that I have never been to COMDEX, and reget not going to the show when I had the opportunity back in 1999. Technology has always interested me, and the idea of an entire gigantic event focused on highlighting tech just seemed like a place I should be found at.

    CES is huge. I can not stress that enough. I am sure if you took all the square footage that has been rented by all the various companies exhibiting at the show and laid it end to end from McCarran Airport that it would reach across the country to Boston's Logan Airport easily. I have visited CES for the last 3 years now and have yet to even visit all of the halls at the LVCC let alone the various suites among the hotels lining the infamous Las Vegas Strip, so I have no delusions of covering all of the show this year or any year that I visit the show. I do plan on seeing everything I can in three areas: video games, computers and personal tech gadgets.

    From January 6th through the 10th I promise to fill this site with as much show coverage as my stubby little fingers can create. My twitter stream as well as the official site twitter stream will overflow with random geek-outs, iPhone pics and probably an intoxicated tweet or two. [Or four]

    If you have anything you want me to check out for you while I'm at the show drop me a line either via our email address or kick me a message via twitter. 2010 will be whatever we make of it. I intend to make it geektastic.

    Enough of this, I still gotta pack.

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    Ninja's Left Alone Are Lonely Ninjas

    posted @ 10/13/2008 08:00:00 AM by Ninjasistah
    Creeping into your fresh cup of coffee is a new episode of the ESH podcast, and this one is a bit different than most.

    It's not a full crew episode, nor is it a top 5, this episode is all NinJaSistah, and it's all rant.

    I've pulled together all my thoughts about the last few video game trade show events that I've gone to and created nearly an hour of the good, the bad, the ugly, and hopefully the fixes that are needed to truly make tradeshows accessible, fun, and educational for all.

    To give you an idea of the paths this episode goes down, here are some of the titles I didn't pick for it:
    • The E3 Gods Must Be Crazy
    • CES: Where The Elite Meet To Deceit
    • Fair and Balanced: It's Not Just A Slogan... It's A Phrase
    • Stop Excluding A Sistah
    • and finally
    • COMDEX Got So Big Nobody Went There Anymore

    Yes indeedy, it's a good old fashioned tongue lashing... so sit back, relax and enjoy ESH podcast episode 117: "How To Get Treated Like A Meat Popsicle."

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    Bébés de Cabine

    posted @ 1/22/2008 10:20:00 PM by evermore
    That's "Booth Babes" in French. Jason Jacobs of TechwareLabs appeared to spend most of CES taking pics of the wide variety of Booth Babes at the event. What some people will do for a paycheck.

    Just click on these orange-attired ladies here to see our own selection of Jason's photos, presented in our own special slideshow format. Of course, if you feel you've got to see all the photos, just click here.

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    New Podcast Day: Episode 82

    posted @ 1/14/2008 12:58:00 AM by Ninjasistah
    Monday again people, so you know we have to bring you a new episode of the ESH podcast. Like the many, many episodes that have come before it this one is chock full of goody goodness.

    In this weeks episode of the podcast Pandalicious shares her take on the TokyoPop manga King of Thorn while NinJaSistah shares some of the HDTV tech that made an impression on her at this years' CES tradeshow. From the 1.5 inch thick Hitachi TV to Sony's pricey OLED and back round to realistic manga characters, we cover a bit of it all this week.

    If you need a better idea of what we cover in this episode, here is the list of the rejected episode titles:
    • Parenthetical Notation Will Keep You Legal
    • Macs Travel In Packs
    • You Can't Take All 42 Inches of My TV
    • Who Will Pay $2500 For 11 Inches
    • You Can't Be An Artist If You Suck
    • Blue Hair And Gold Eyes Are Just Wrong
    • The Bronchitasaur? Now We Know Why They All Died
    • Marko Owen Is Not A New Swimming Pool Game
    • Don't Worry, There's More String On Aisle 5
    • Whiney Is My Kryptonite
    • Bill Gates Is Becoming A Charity Pimp
    • Nature Whoops Sciences' Ass, Everytime
    • and
    • It's Not The Size of Your LCD, But How You Use It

    Grab your mornin' cup of joe and take a listen to ESH podcast episode 82: Went To CES and Partied Like A Lohan!

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    Soul Calibur 4: In Case You Missed It

    posted @ 1/11/2008 12:55:00 AM by Ninjasistah
    I am one exhausted NinJa. I figured I'd post this up for you guys, just in case you don't have time to peruse any other website [on the planet] other than ESH.

    Now, I've made no bones about the fact that I did not like Soul Calibur Legends, but let me tell you a bit about my day yesterday

    NamcoSo, I was hangin out with the folks from All Games Interactive [who I still think are some of the most passionate and just plainly put "cool" people to kick it with] when they mention they are heading over to the Namco event at 4pm. Me, I didn't even know that Namco Bandai was even having an event, so I asked if they wouldn't mind if I tagged along. Cool ass peeps they are, they say the more the merrier... so off we go.

    I [of course] get in, and lo and behold we are bearing witness to a preview of the Soul Calibur 4 game. Not only a trailer demo, but some hordeurves, drinks, and playable early demo that was, for lack of better vocabulary: pretty promising. By that I mean that while the visual looked beautiful [again, for an early build] it wasn't extremely polished. While the character detail has been kicked up quite a few notches, it didn't exactly scream next gen. BioShock visual has some one ups on this demo, but after playing through that damned SC Legends, this build held with it the promise of a better tomorrow.

    The fight system has been revised to just the face buttons of your controller: PS3 or XB360. The demos we played were XB360 systems. No bumper or trigger pulling here folks, just straight up Virtual Fighter style guard, punch, kick, grab. As a self proclaimed brawler fanatic, I gotta say I'm feeling better about the overall direction that SC is heading in.

    Then you add the fact that Vader will be on the PS3 and Yoda on the XB360 as unlockables and I am nearly FREAKIN' sold on it people. I'm going to try to contain my inner fan-girl until I get to play with more than three characters but as I said before, pretty promising.

    Don't believe me? Peep the vid!

    p.s. If ESH is the only website you use than I less than three you majorly

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    CES Recap: Bang & Olufsen

    posted @ 1/09/2008 03:31:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    You may not know about B&o, but I grew up with my father idolizing them and the products they made. He dreamed about owning some of their home stereo equipment and would keep some of their catalog pages like pinup pictures in his locker at work.

    As I've gotten older and taken a deeper look at their products, I like my father before me have become infatuated with B&o.

    I was lucky enough this year to attend B&o's small press event at the Venetian Hotel, and the word "impressed" does not begin to convey how I felt about the products they were demo-ing. Now before I continue, this is not a love song to B&o. Some of the stuff they were showing off really made no sense to me as viable products for those of us in the peanut gallery. While I loved their $1300 cell phone, it's not really viable as a real purchase option for me, or most of the people I know. But, B&o is definitely working towards entering a broader market with the introduction on the 32 inch BeoVision 8.

    Retailing for $3950, this tv is by far not for the broke or those hovering around the brink, but if you want a tv that has truly amazing sound, a built in downward firing subwoofer built in that features a style truly all it's own you should really check this system out. With a system from B&o, you enter into a patnershi for the life of your device. B&o is known for it's commitment to service and quality of product that I have never seen from any other company.

    I'll have some pictures for you soon.

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    Finally A Company That Understands a Girls Needs

    posted @ 1/08/2008 07:12:00 PM by FreeLoader
    When it comes to great looking high fashion tech accessory cases you can have practical but ugly, great design but not really useful or you can get both great design and practicality but you are not going to get both without paying big bucks.

    As a result we end up with mediocre bags that fit are needs but really were made with the supposed "hip" business men in mind... but no more Golla's new spring collection fills our particle side as well as having a mean design sense. They make every thing from bags for your phones and ipods to laptop sleeves and backpacks. The company is based in Finland and all of there products have a great European style to them yet the designers have thought about all the ways people are going to be using there technology.

    Music Bags
    The music bags really stood out to me because while they were design with the mp3 player in mind they really can be for a variety of devices from you phone to camera. There are multiple pockets where you can slip in an ID or metro card and there is even a great zipper pocket on the back so you can put items you want to be really secure. They have also opted to not do a belt clip in favor of a small carabineers which I think will led it's self to be more versatile.

    Golla also introduced new colors with both males and females in mind for there backpack collection. For anyone who has had to dig through there bag trying to find that one item that you swear you had with you only for it get lost in the dark pit then this is the bag for you. The back compartment is for you laptop but unlike conventional backpacks you load your computer from the side making it so much easier to fit everything. The second compartment where I at lease end to just dump everything else into has see-through zipper compartments so you can put everything into it perspective place. But just in case you forget where you put it you phone those see-though pocket come in handy.

    So the final part where can you get these bags? Depending on what you are looking for there are a variety of places from cellular store like AT&T Wireless for the phone and music bags to Target for the laptop sleeves and backpacks. While the holidays are over and we are all strapped a little for cash now you can think of these are part of your New Years resolution to get organized.

    Posted by FreeLoader Megwin

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    HD DVD: Yeah, It's Dead

    posted @ 1/08/2008 12:45:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    With Warner announcing that they will be moving from title releases on both high definition formats to [eventually] just Blu-Ray, you have to imagine that the HD DVD camp feels a little defeated.

    And when I went by their booth here at CES, they sure looked that way. I strolled up to the booth late afternoon and my first impression before I spoke to anyone was, "wow, you look like you need a drink." I'm sure that every journalist that hit the South Hall show floor on Monday made a beeline over to their booth to question every representative about the announcements, but when I got there I just hung back for a moment. I gathered my thoughts and questions and then headed over to the booth.

    I could tell that the guy I was heading toward at the booth caught a glimpse of my badge before I was in earshot as his smile started to fade away. When I finally reached him [foot is still a bit gimpy so I don't move too fast yet] after a short introduction I made my first statement: I'm not going to ask that question. the look of stunned amazement and then relief that came over his face was priceless. I wanted to take a picture of it, but I thought better of it. Besides I'm lazy.

    Anyways, when he realized I was serious, a smile returned to his face and he began his spiel on HD-DVD. He was well informed about the product he was representing, and honestly believed that HD-DVD had a viable future, and I was happy to let him believe that. Who am I to tell him Santa isn't real and the Easter Bunny is a lie made up by candy companies? Nobody, that's who. I mean I had a lot of questions around the eminent demise of HD-DVD? Questions like, "now that nearly 70 percent of all feature length film studio work as well as television content will be moving to Blu-Ray exclusively, how do you [the HD DVD camp] plan to revitalize your format in hopes of staying alive? How long do you think the HD DVD format will survive if other content providers jump ship? Which in hindsight would have been a great question to ask as the new rumor about Paramount jumping to the Blu-Ray only ship swirls 'round the interweb.

    But one of those thoughts that I gathered as I was walking up to the guy was this guy looks like he needs a stiff drink desperately. And while I couldn't give him a drink, I could give him a break. He's got three more days of dealing with awkward question, oppressive journalists looking for sound-bytes, and a never ending swarm of people looking to get free movie discs before they disappear forever. The least I can do is give this guy a break for 30 minutes and let him give the speech that he's rehearsed umpteen million times before getting to Vegas. So that's what I did.

    At the end of the tour, I looked him dead in the eye, thanked him for his time and the information. I gave him my card, and went on my merry way. Good deed for the day done. But in case you missed it, HD-DVD = Dead. Especially if Paramount goes exclusive to Blu-Ray. It would leave Toshiba and Universal as the last pair standing and that just isn't enough to make it moving forward. It's sad, because HD-DVD is not a bad format, but when the high definition development camp got split with Sony saying, "we'll roll our own thanks," that it was only a matter of time before bad things happened.

    I don't want you to be sad though, so here's a picture of a model of Bumblebee from the Transformers movie.

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    Belkin At CES

    posted @ 1/07/2008 09:02:00 PM by FreeLoader
    While there are thousands of great new tech gadgets being showcased at CES this week what has caught my eye is all of the fun cases out there to hold and organized all those gadgets. It is almost an overload of sparkling logo branded cases... so I am going to endeavor to select some of the more fun or exciting new products.

    Crocs + Cell Phone Cases?
    We are going to get it started with one of the most bizarre new accessories out there the Crocs Phone Case. The makers of those ugly, yet oh so popular shoes have decided that the shoe market is not enough and have created a phone holder. Now I am venomously apposed to the shoes some how the combination between the color and the shape always reminds me of clown shoes. And yet somehow I am kind of drawn to them as phone cases, minis the charms of course. The cases are made out of the same materials as the famed shoes, and sport a very sturdy belt clip. The only really drawback that I can see in the design is the flimsy plastic that the ID card slot is being made out of... after sliding those cards in and out a few times and that thing is toast. I would expect to see young children and soccer mom's alike sporting these babies in the near future.

    Embracing Design...
    While much of what Belkin has come out with is what you come to expect from them sleek urban design that while nice done not always scream I need to have. This year there were a few items that did catch my eye. In the iPhone/iPod case area much of what they have are just a variation on there same theme just in new spring colors. Though the new Nike-esk Micro Grip looks great though it only comes in lavender and smoke gray. Belkin was also featuring new laptop bags and the Ceylon Messenger Bag stands out as a must have for this spring. It comes in a variety of both boy and girl friendly colors and sports a cellphone case on the strap. The best part is that it is only going to retail for around $50 so that is not so bad is you are looking new look.

    Posted By FreeLoader Megwin

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    CES Day 1 -- OMG

    posted @ 1/07/2008 04:53:00 PM by Ninjasistah

    I've descended on CES Day 1 and while it doesn't take up anymore space than last year, it feels bigger somehow. I don't know if it is because there are more press kits, or little swag goodies being given away, but it definitely feels different.

    The one thing I keep overhearing as I walk through the halls, the actual "real" press loves the fact that there's the new Blogger designation for press, and that bloggers are completely separate from them. We have our own little press lounges and we have our own little luncheon rooms. And there are definitely a lot of bloggers here. We're easy to spot because we're in our kick-it clothes, as opposed to full suits and adultware.

    But back to tech stuff. The big push this year, from what I've seen so far, is a focus on consumer lifestyle. While the technology is getting a big push -- and I'll have more on that in the coming days -- what I'm seeing more is a focus on the style of consumer devices to match an individual style more than additional functions on machines.

    Take Philips, for example, their focus is on making more gorgeous-looking tech devices, like their new Aurea line, which looks like an iMac. Actually, it looks damn much like an iMac (see below). But they haven't brought their prices down. You'll still be paying top dollar for a TV that has all the buzzwords you want -- 1080p, multiple inputs, the things you come to expect from new LCD TVs.

    But the main thing is that it is so overwhelming. No one's been able to make their devices stand head and shoulders above anyone else's -- which surprises me, but then again, it's just day 1. It's very possible that this will change before the show ends Thursday. I just don't know.

    Oh yeah, and the last thing? There are way too many accessories for iPods and iPhones. There's no way to start a comparison, but I'm going to give it the college try.

    So more is coming soon -- and maybe with pictures.

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    One Down, How Many To Go?

    posted @ 1/06/2008 05:34:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    I landed [after a bit of a delay] in Las Vegas this morning, and after enduring the LONGEST TAXI CAB LINE EVER, I was able to get over to the Philips Press conference.

    This year's event is not much more different than last years. The chairs were still covered with white slip covers giving the illusion of being at a wedding reception. There was a lot of talking heads, pumping up the new partnerships here and there. [Disney being one new Philips partnership meaning Philips has jumped onto the Blu-Ray bandwagon and RealNetworks being the other.]

    No, the thing that I came away from the event with was the direct marketing to women that Philips seems dead intent on pushing to it's limits. In what was nearly a "did I really just see/hear that" moment, I watched as Stewart Muller Sr. VP US Sales at Philips explained to me how women shop and what we want. According to Mr. Muller, we want heart shaped Swarovski crystal encrusted USB pendants, and earbuds. Oh yeah, they "deliver high quality sound... and look great too!" Blah Blah.

    Now, I'm a woman, and even I [along with the room full of nearly all male journalist who scoffed at these announcements loudly with almost with childlike glee] had to kinda laugh to myself on this one.

    Philips 2008 - Pretty Pretty Princess Tech!

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    New Podcast Episode

    posted @ 1/15/2007 12:28:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    You know you want it, the new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast... hurrah!

    In this episode of the podcast Pandalicious and NinJaSistah talk about the super sweet, super saccharine anime series SuperGals and it's ability to pick you up when you are down then proceed to break down some of the super sweet things electronic in nature from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Luckily for you what happened in Vegas, didn't stay there.

    So pick up the new podcast episode and share in the joy... and don't forget to bring a towel!

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    Dirty Rotten Lies And the Lying Liars That Tell Them

    posted @ 1/12/2007 08:58:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    Ok, so I'm at CES right, sitting in one of the chillout rooms taking a break and there are these two dudes talking. I try not to eavesdrop, but I can't help myself. One guy [I'mma call him Jed] Jed starts in on the heavy impress on the second dude.

    Why am I writing about this here? Because Jed was explaining to dude two [I'mma call him Dave] how awesome it is to play Guitar Hero on his PS3. Now we all know, that until Nyko releases their PS3 Play Adapter, using the custom guitar controller to play GH or GH2 is impossible. She no workie cap'n. So I initially let Jed go on with his piece trying to make Dave think he's cool and up on thangs, but he's insistant that wailing on the guitar is great, and that the response time is so much better now on the PS3 at which point I can no longer contain myself. I have to say something. But what?

    Do I completely out this guy for being a douche bag liar to Dave and ruin his chances to look like a hip dude? Do I keep my mouth shut and allow Jed to go on being a lying liar when I know the hard that his untruths can do? Dilemma, dilemma. I tell myself to just focus on the free danish and let Jed to to impress the hell out of Dave. What harm can it do me right? So I start to ignore them again and try to enjoy the chillout spot. But the guy keeps going on and on and on and on about how great GH is now that's it's on Blu-Ray [which it ain't] and how cool the controller is and finally the camels back is broken. NinJa opens up her big yap and proceeds to [ever so gently] rip this guy a new one. No, the guitar controller can't work on a PS3 but the regular controller can. The game itself is not yet on Blu-Ray but Harmonix is working on a fix. Jed goes, "Oh really? Huh." Dave now looks Jed up and down and all his credibility is gone. And me, I now get the rest of the "what do you know about the PS3" questions.

    Yes, NinJaSistah... douche bag buster since 1989.

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    NEWs From CES 3: Did You Hear That?

    posted @ 1/09/2007 08:20:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    I did, and dude it sounded AWESOME. I've just come from the Klipsch booth and I have to say the home theater setup I played with may be one of the sweetest little things I've seen yet. [today that is, ;)]

    This right here is sleek as hell and has more response than it should. The sound is like you would expect from Klipsch, clear, sweet, and with enough boom to fill up your room. This is really surprising given the fact that the setup is a 2.1 system. The one thing I have learned from all the audio that I have been listening to is that 5.1 can be overrated. Bear with me now. I always thought that 5.1 or even 7.1 was the holy grail of home theater setups. I want to be bombarded with a wall of sound, a wall so dense that when I talk trash to the poser that my player character is currently tbaggin' and can almost feel his pain. Taste my nutz you bastid!

    Sorry, that wasn't called for. I shall move on.

    I hit the show floor this morning with a plan: to dive into home audio and not come up for air until I hit some speakers solution that didn't kill my wallet but might lead to my becoming deaf. And while the best "blow your ass out of the water" setup comes from a company called Earthquake [they started in car audio] it unfortunately was a bit more the type of product that would appear in some rap dudes place on MTV Cribs and not in my tiny little apartment in VA. No, the better options that I found come from Klipsch and possibly a company called Paradigm. I only a small preview at the Cinema 5.1 home theater in a box from Paradigm so I can't speak on just how bad it is, but the Klipsch set I did play with on the floor and I can tell you honestly: It doesn't suck.

    Now, it ain't cheap [coming in at $1299] but if you already dropped a grand on gaming systems you might as well get an easy to configure, booming bass havin', sleek looking, small footprint using system from Klipsch. It by far has the richest sounding 2.1 speaker setup that I have seen. Oh yeah, if you know what it means, the subwoofer is class D and fires downward.

    Drool rags at the ready.

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    NEWs From CES 2: Attack of the Tradeshow

    posted @ 1/09/2007 03:51:00 AM by Ninjasistah
    Ok, I've pulled myself back from the brink of drunkitude once again to bring you the highlights of my day on the CES trade show floor, and by far I have to tell you Razer really got my attention today folks.

    To be fair, it was a split between Razer and the Frag Dolls... but I only got a few seconds with the dolls and about an hour with Razer so they "won" the competition.

    In case you didn't know, Razer does high end gaming peripherals... and I do mean high end. Everything I saw today had the best response times, well thought out components and features that a gamer could want or need. The Tarantula keyboard has extra banks of keys on both the left and right side [L1-L5 and R1-R5] that you the user can program all yer favorite macros into. You can play with the delay so that you space effects out over a second or fraction there of. No longer must you search or hunt for your shaman's totems... program em' and be done with it, because it's game time!

    The most impressive thing that I saw today actually wasn't functioning. Razer has been hard at work on a new speaker system that [once you have a unit not missing the power cable] may damn near eliminate the speaker sound bounce problem without sacrificing look or audio quality. The Mako speaker system may just be a dynamo in pimps clothing if it actually provides the kind of audio quality that Razer president Robert Krakoff seemed genuinely sad not to be able to show me. The satellites [I use the term loosely because I have nothing else that I can call them for now] feature downward firing sound to a circular opening and plate. Sound flows out in 360 degrees so you don't have to. No more pointing speakers directly at yourself, the sound will fill up around you making games sound a little more real and intense. Hopefully I can swing by Razer's booth again tomorrow to actually test them out because I may need me some new speakers!

    The last thing that I looked at from Razer today was their new 1800dpi infrared mouse. This thing looks and feels the balls. I should have one in for review shortly, so I'll hold off my final verdict until I've put the thing through it's paces... but the silicone/rubbery membrane type texture of mouse "buttons" alone made me want to get all freaky deaky on some PC games... and y'all know how I don't do that.

    All in all my time with Razer today made me realize that they aren't bullshitting when they say "by gamers. for gamers." And for that reason alone they will always get my full attention from now on.

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    NEWs From CES

    posted @ 1/07/2007 03:01:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    Ok, first day in, and I have stuff to share people. Get your wallets ready, find all the people that owe you money because you're going to need to start saving now if you want to build that bomb ass entertainment rig soon.

    I write this after leaving the Philips press conference and I have to say I was impressed. Not just because they announced larger ambiLight LCD TV's, [57 inchers on the way y'all] but because of the new ambiSound slimline bar format surround sound solution and the amBX game immersion solution, and it looks sweet.

    The focus for today as I have yet to have my one on one with the Philips folks will be the amBX device. Available "soonish" amBX is a sight, sound, and feel peripheral that you can attach to your PC to take your gaming to the next level. amBX is a peripheral system that consists of the standard speakers and subwoofers that we've all come to know and love, but it then takes a step forward by including fans that can [and will] blow air at the users depending on conditions in the game. Concussion bomb goes off, you feel a heavy breeze blow at you and feel like you should duck in order to avoid virtual debris. Sneaking up on a door that might lead outside? A soft breeze might blow gently in your direction to indicate air on the other side of the door. amBX also includes a rumble wrist band that the user wears and rumble feature, and booming bass with little to no distortion.

    What I find most interesting about amBX is that it currently only works with PC gaming with games that have been coded to send the system the proper cues to rumble/blow you... [Hehe, I said it's going to blow you] but the rep that I spoke with after the conference was quick to correct my question and stress that it "currently" works with PC gaming setups. So does that mean that Philips amBX may be the way you get rumble features [and them some] back on the PS3 in the future?

    Stay tuned!

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    We's Goin'!

    posted @ 1/04/2007 11:35:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    I know the posting from me has been a little lax of late. I've been doing that nasty "day job" thing in order to pay off the AMEX that I put my Wii and PS3 bundles on, but I'm back y'all... just in time to head off to CES!

    As I type this, I prepare my luggage for it's inaugural "covering [insert event name here] for ESH" trip. Yes, my journey to Las Vegas will be my first actual outing covering an event for ESH. Be on the lookout starting next Monday for tidbits, news breaks, and all around cool ass stuff coming from me and Evermore next week.

    For those of you not in the know CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. It's the tradeshow that all the big boys, runts, and "tall for their age" electronics manufacturers descend upon in order to reveal their new products for the regular consumer at. Yes, CES can be the show that starts the buzz that becomes hype and then consumer demand that requires manufacturers supply. CES is the real consumermas... and we'll be there!

    I'm hoping to see some bomb ass gaming computers, home theater setups, gaming peripherals, A/V racks, all the things you need to assemble the most awesome, badass, mega, uber, colossal entertainment center this side of Skywalker Ranch. Yeah, you heard me. I'm also looking forward to visiting the video games section of the show. Sony, Blizzard, Aspyr, and Microsoft are going to be there, so I'm hoping that I can bend them to the will of hooking a sistah up so she, in turn, may hook you up. Social networking at it's purest form baby!

    So what are you guys interested in seeing or hearing about? Hit us up, and let me know... I'll try to get around to it while I'm in Vegas. MMMMM, nearly free trip to Vegas... [salvates Homer Simpson style]

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