Ok people, after a slight delay [me clickie wrong button during file export] the podcast is ready to go. I've moved podcast production over to my Powerbook exclusively now so we should not have any more issues. This

New episode, new episode! And here's a spoiler for you: The audio is MUCH improved!!We've switched applications and got some new mics, and we are off and running people. This week's topic is FullMetal Alchemist, one of

It's official, you can now find and subscribe to the ElectricSistaHood through the iTunes application. No excuses people go get the podcast. Want a one-click link to subscribe to our podcast in itunes?

Ladies, gents, and those that fall in the other category, the podcast is finally in regular production. We still have some things to tweak though. We are going to try and get rid of that nasty echo on Pandalicious'