A brand spankin' new episode of the podcast for you, because you're special.In this episode the sistahs talk about Pandalicious' discovery of WoW and the PMS Clan as well as the upcoming John Woo game Stranglehold. We talk about

Manga and video game stuff, get it while it's fresh!This week the sistah's give you an intro to manga [anime type comic books] and discuss how girls and the game industry are in need of some serious couples' counseling.

It was bound to happen. We just didn't think it would be this soon. We've gotten so love coming in and going on that we are having to split the podcast/review feed into two separate sections.

Episode 6 of the podcast is in the can, snap it up while it's hot and fresh people!In this episode we talk about a yaoi anime called Loveless and go over the Tomb Raider Legend video game. We also

This is just a quick message to all the World of Warcraft players out there.

I will be running my 14-day trial disc (given out at AB) today and will be playing for the next two weeks. If you want to look for me I'll be using the name Feoryn.

Just real quick I slapped some new paint on the place. What do you think of it?