In this episode, we join our heroines Pandalicious and NinjaSistah entangled in the worlds of Onegai Teacher and Sony

The ever elusive episode 12 has finally been captured and released into the wild.In this episode Pandalicious confesses explains her new found love of rhythm based games a la Mad Maestro, Amplitude, and Space Channel 5 and NinjaSistah reviews a

Guess what finally arrived this morning at my lovely door? My luggage from my Sunday flight with the hard drive containing the podcast.

You may commence to doing the ceremonial cabbage patch of joy!

First my damn flight gets delayed from 3:35pm until 5pm, then is ultimately canceled

In this weeks episode Pandalicious covers Escaflowne in threefold: the anime series, OVA movie, and Manga series

Happy nearly 4th of July. The ESH crew worked extra hard to get this episode of the podcast up an running for you, our loyal listeners.This week we talk about Serial Experiments Lain and attempt to beat SCEA about