In this weeks podcast episode Pandalicious gets a half hour to share her top five OVA movie picks with you

It's new episode day again, so you better grab the new one while it's hot!In this episode of the ESH podcast, episode 19, MagicMysticGrl finally makes it to the show to add her two to three cents into the collective

Ok folks, if you read my accountability post you know I'm not having a good day.You can read the article here [*note, you should probably get some snacks or something because it's long] and then you'll understand why I have

Alright, the sistahs are back in production people so gather 'round gather 'round!In this episode of the ESH podcast the sistahs [sans MagicMysticGrl] talk about the anime series Wedding Peach which Pandalicious likens to Sailor Moon

Howdy FRESHpeeps! The power is back on and flowing, so I am one happy ninja!