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Skypecast Goes Off Friday

You know the drill, it's free-swim Friday: EVERYBODY INTO THE POOL

BYOSAAH [That's Bring Your Own Skype And A Headset for those of you not in the know] and join us for a live recording of the ESH podcast this Friday OCT 20 at 5pm EDT. Ask questions, , chat along, it's all good in the hood. NinJaSistah will be talking about the Rockstar game Bully and the lack of student violence/deaths in schools [poor Jack Thompson, proven wrong yet again] and the value of online gaming. Who knows what Pandalicious will talk about, but you can rest assured it's going to be a party ya'll!

So get on your Skype account, make sure you have a mic and headphones [or a headset] plugged in [you know, to keep ambient noise out] and go to Skypecasts.skype.com we'll even give you this link log in with your username and password, and then at 5pm EDT on Friday under the "Find A Skypecast" click on "On Now" and look for "Electric Sista Hood." It's just that easy. If you have any difficulty, you can read this page for help and instructions.

See you then.

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