A WARNING: This episode contains an abundance of swearing, cursing, and screaming. It is SERIOUSLY NSFW, NSFK, hell

You know the drill, it's free-swim Friday: EVERYBODY INTO THE POOLBYOSAAH [That's Bring Your Own Skype And A Headset for those of you not in the know] and join us for a live recording of the ESH podcast this

Yeah, you know you wanna grab it, Episode 22 of our podcast

If this podcast episode was a person, it could legally drink alcohol in any of the 50 states and across the globe. Hurray for Hpnotiq!In this episode the sistahs announce the launch of the ESH Arcade, then Pandalicious talks

We talk about so many different things in this episode we just couldn't agree on any other name for it. So here is ESH Podcast Episode No.20: Hodge Podge.If you like Norse mythology, flighty characters, or are into "May-December"